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Christmas Napkins

Christmas Napkin 

For our Christmas table this year, I used vintage buckles and ribbon for the napkin rings. I saw these wonderful napkins by Elizabeth Maxson in the December Romantic Home mag. They were  napkins with sugar cookies recipes printed on them. I love them, so I toke old vintage napkins and a fine-tip Sharpe and I simple wrote out a gingerbread recipe on each napkin. I think we will be able to use these each year. If I need more, it will be easy enough to write.

I am enjoying on my Christmas morning unwrapping gifts, gingerbread bread pudding and smooching my family. I hope you are relaxed and enjoying thislast day of getting ready for Christmas xoxoxox


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What an amazing idea! I may get started on Christmas gifts for next year right away! Wouldn't these be fun to give as an early Christmas gift to someone (like at Thanksgiving), so they would have them to use on Christmas day? Wonderful blog!

Pattie Tierney

I have a penchant for anything with a recipe on it: postcards, potholders, aprons, tea towels, etc. But I've never seen napkins like this and feel quite fortunate to have stumbled onto your blog this morning and spotted them. What a wonderful idea and one I think I'll use to print old family recipes from my grandmother and use them for my Mother's Day dinner.


Merry Christmas! I love this idea--I must try it for sure!

the paris apartment

What a storybook Christmas you're having, thanks for sharing your beautiful life! All the best Clarice!


What a great idea!

Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas!


Sharon D.

Great idea Clarice! I am definitely going to try this :) I love the dish towels like this too. I will be trying the Gingerbread Bread Pudding for New Year's Breakfast.

I'm glad that you are enjoying this Christmas with those you love. Thanks for always inspiring me:)


These are great Clarice!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage

You are so crafty! Another inspiring idea! Thanks for sharing!

Gumbo Lily

You always amaze me, Clarice. What a nifty idea. Enjoy this special time with your family.

Merry Christmas,

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