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Most of these I do not have a recipe. But I tried to find what I could in similar recipes. Feel free to ask questions. xoxoxo

Gingerbread bread pudding Which I will assemble the night before and bake in a bain marie at 320.

Gingerbread, which I baked3 days ahead, so the bread can dry out a bit. I love a gingerbread that uses both fresh, candied and dried ginger.  

Mushroom soup, I used tarragon instead of thyme. I made this a week ahead and froze it. When I reheat it, I will then add the cream and sherry part.

Grapefruit sorbet 

Grand Marnier Semifreddo


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Selia Renzetti

What would I cook if I didn't have you to inspire me?! Your menu looks delicious and I have just now made up my mind to have pork loin for Christmas dinner! I made a cherry red wine sauce one year for a goose and it was delicious. The added lavender sounds lovely. I forgot to tell you I made the pumpkin cheese cake for Thanksgiving and it was a big hit. All of your recipes have been hits! Thank you for sharing!


MMmmm! Your menu sounds so elegant and eXotic. Great tip to prepare and freeze elements ahead. I just made a batch of raspberry jam (with the summers' frozen berries) as a gift for diXymister. Enjoy!



jill xoo


Ooooh, I love seeing other people's menus! Yours looks delicious -- thanks for the recipe links!


YUmmmmmmmmmmy! I love your silouette plates....I collect them when I find them cheap. Are you Scandanavian? I love all those touches..I see throughout. I am Norwegian. Soooo pretty. cherry


Oh my, everything sounds wonderful, Clarice! Thank you for sharing the mushroom soup recipe...I love mushrooms and sherry. I'll be making this for dinner tomorrow night!


Dear Clarice,

Your menu sounds so delicious! You are quite the cook! Thank you for sharing the links.
Love, Paula

Gumbo Lily

Your menus sound really delish, Clarice. I love how you make many things ahead and freeze. Otherwise, I can imagine how many dirty dishes and how much work this would entail.



Gingerbread pudding with orange sauce sounds really good, and grapefruit sorbet.

I love sorbet and keep meaning to try and make it. I have a wonderful ice cream maker that my parents gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I'll have to give recipe a try.

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