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Biscut Holder

Biscut holder4 

This year we did not do a lot of gifts, except for the girls. But my mother did get me a really amazing gift and I had to share. It is a biscuit holder for our teas. It is not big enough to be a cookie holders but perfect for biscuits. The little woven handle makes it for me. Thank you mom, you have such a wonderful eye xoxo

My sweet Auberne` got me (at the Christmas House, of course) a little cottage creamer. It is missing the lid but I think it will be perfect to hold a tea light.  Thank you sweetie. My thatched cottage collection is growing xoxoxox

Biscut holder2 

Biscut holder3


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Sweet Cottage Dreams

I just love your gifts! How wonderful they are! You know I just love anything cottage-E!!



Dear Clarice,
Love your wonderful gifts! They are very charming, I love thatched cottages.


Those are absolutely adorable! What thoughtful gifts.

Gumbo Lily

What thoughtful gifts. I know you'll Enjoy them.



oh my, that little thatched cottage and creamer are as dear as can be.
tea time must be a magical time in your little Storybook woods.
you are loved indeed by such thoughtful dear family.

your friend,

Cathy Santarsiero

What pretty little gifts, Clarice! Happy New Year to you and your family. xo Cat


What an adorable biscuit holder! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas -- nice and quiet and perfect! I've enjoyed catching up with your posts -- your decorations are just beautiful!


It's precious! I love it.


Clarice I love that little thatched cottage!! The creamer is cute too! What wonderful gifts!


What a great gift. I love getting things like that - things you know you'll keep forever (especially when it's from your Mom). Fun!
--Robin :o)


Your English cottage gifts are beautiful, Clarice. Although I know they are meant to serve food, I'm picturing a summer scene with white, twinkling lights, evergreen boughs, and little figurines all set up with them on a pretty kitchen ledge. You are really going to have fun with these beautiful objects!



Cute gifts…

I think the creamer would make a wonderful PINCUSHION and you could add sunflowers and mushroom pins…


Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Clarice, How sweet those are! What a smart mother, with a keen eye to know just what her daughter would like. :)

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Wishing you and your loved ones all the best in 2009. xo~m.

Junie Moon

What great gifts, they look like they have a secret little story hidden in their history. So perfect for you!


What a terrific gift. I don't know that I have ever seen one or would know that it was for biscuits! Did she come by it by accident?



That is the perfect gift for you!

Your Mom hit it on the nail.

I love biscuit jars. They are very hard to find.
I have one shaped like a cat.
It is also rare to find one with the handles still on.
Lucky girl!

Hey, how about covering it with a embroidered cloth and storing your tea inside. It reminds me of Storybook home.

Jill xoo


Oh how darling are those! Very sweet gifts-lucky girl!
~Tam :D

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