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The other amazing gift I got was a hand-made doll from my good friend Angie. Angie is very passionate and focused about making dolls and it shows in her work. She does needle-felt dolls, wooden carved dolls, embroidered dolls and many more. She knows I have a Jewish grandma Clare (who I died before I was born and I am named after) so I love my babushka, I call her Bubba. She is cross between my Jewish grandmother and little red riding hood. What I think is really amazing about her is her embroidered eyes. It shows just how talented Angie's is. Thank you Angie and am thrilled to finally own one of your dolls xoxoxo

PS. I just made the raspberry meringue trifle and the pastry cream did not thicken. So I had ti adjust the recipe. I just wanted ot let you know I fixed the post below with the recipe !!!



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Pearl Maple

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Thank you for a year full of interesting inspirational posts on all kinds of subjects.


This doll is so nice. I love her face, and her appliqued basket.

Happy New Year to you!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

BEAUTIFUL! I love the old world look she has. Stunning gift!!



Babushka's outfit is just what we all need here in frosty old England at the moment Clarice. Isn't she lovely. And I adore your thatched cottage collection. If Babushka could shrink she would make the perfect Red Ridig Hood and could live in one of them for sure. Wishing you and your lovey family much happness in the coming year. Love Eli.

Kristen Strand-Tibbitts

Wow that doll has PRESENCE ! A real treasure for sure!



Fantastic doll! I love her!
Happy New Years to all.
Linda in windy OR


Dear Clarice,
What a beautiful doll! What talent! I love the eyes and sweet mouth.

Lady Laurie

Dear Clarice,
I wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a wonderful and happy new year!

Love your doll!


What a delightful doll...

Happy 2009!



I love the doll! Angie, she is just beautiful! I was drawn to her eyes immediately! Awesome, just awesome!
Take care and Happy New Year! LaVonne

country mouse

When this picture loaded onto my screen--even before I read a single word about it--I knew it was an Angie doll : )

Junie Moon

What a beautiful doll. I love her facial details, especially the eyes.

Thanks for letting us know about the raspberry meringue trifle recipe modification.


A passionate doll, love..

Jill xoo

Gumbo Lily

Oh my goodness, the eyes are fantastic. How she does it, I do not know. What a blessing Angie has given. I love Bubba.


Tracey McBride

Oh Clarice...I've not visited for a while and what I have missed! All these ideas are sooooo clever and cute! I LOVE this doll, and the close up of the face shows amazing care and craftsmanship. I also love your recipes (wow, the merangue (sp?) trifle looks dangerously delicious...and the recipe napkins and buckle/ribbon napkin holders are so darling. You are amazing!! More soon my friend. Thank you so much for this inspiring blog.
P.S. I just noticed the facebook thing...I am so new at this I don't really know how to use it yet, but Rosie said she'd show me how :) pretty soon :)


Love her! Rachaelxo Happy New Year!


Clarice, you are sooo lucky to have that doll. She is absolutely gorgeous. I can vouch for Angie's work, it is truly beautiful. Clarice have a happy new year. Love you so much. Christy


What a beautiful gift - and the eyes are indeed striking.


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