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Okay, what more could happen. No, my lap top is still not working and now I dropped my camera. I can not blog without my camera. I so much to share and no camera. Plus today is our Thanksgiving and no camera. The only good thing about all this, is I am getting a new and better camera. But who knows when it will come in the mail. So as I have been saying, be patient with me. I will be back soon. I am off to eat lots of stuffing and butter tarts (I hate turkey, I am soooo wierd) xoxoxox


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karla nathan

How frustrating! I'd be lost without mine too.


oh make me laugh!
Can't wait for more posts with beautiful pics ;)


Dear Clarice,

I know you will enjoy your new camera so much. I hope your laptop will be working soon too.
Love, Paula

Selia Renzetti

Dear Clarice,
So sorry about the lap top and camera. So glad you are getting another one. I don't care too much for turkey either! Ha! Ha! I have an award for you on my blog!
Blessings to you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


So sorry about your camera, but getting a new one sounds like fun!
I don't know if you rememeber me asking you a while back for advice about books set in Holland. I got a copy of A Day on Skates to read to our little co-op class. It was a lovely book. Thanks for leading me to it. Also wanted to let you know about a giveaway my daughter is having on her blog - a lovely purse. if you're interested.
Hope your Thanksgiving meal was great!

Lady Laurie

Dear Clarice,
I hope you and yours had a lovely Thanksgiving.
I look forward to more of your wonderful photos when you get your new camera!!


OHHH CLarice that is horrible but that is soo exciting that you are getting a new one! I got the Canon rebel xti last year and love it. Don't know what I am doing with it but it is fun! Can't wait to see your new pics. cherry


Darn it Clarice!

Well I'm excited for you though getting a new camera.
Hey you might get your Christmas package today!
Those butter tarts you're referring to, are they similar to butterhorns? I love butterhorns, h,m maybe I have some Swedish blood.

Have a great day in lieu of everything.


Jill xoo


Oops! I forgot to say that I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I'm seriously curious about "butter tarts". I had to go back and look at your Thanksgiving menu post. Bad idea since it's 2 in the morning and it's all making me seriously hungry. I can see why you wanted the butter tarts!


Oh, Clarice! How maddening! Here's hoping that the new year will wash away any remaining techie bad luck. : )

Gumbo Lily

Have the bad fairies invaded your Storybook Woods? Hoping things start shaping up soon. Just so you don't feel too weird, my hubby doesn't like "bird" either. He says it's foul/fowl.



I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day....

A new camera is a great way to start out the holidays…


Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Love the graphic on today's post!

Your laptop and camera... :(

How frustrating Clarice, but I know you'll have lots of goodies for us soon.

I can feel your pain... I dropped my best & less-than-a-year old camera into the surf on Sunday. The photo of the beach on my blog today is one of the last I took with it. *sniff* It's not repairable, so I'm back to using an older one until I decide which one to purchase next.

We'll be here for you! xo~m.

P.S. How FUN that you lived in Sunnyvale. Why we were practically neighbors back THEN, too! :)

Cathy Santarsiero

Take Peace, Clarice...enjoy your Thanksgiving and don't worry about the blog or the photos. We will all be here when you get your spiffy new toys up and running...promise! xo xo Cat ^..^


Oh my goodness! You are having a time of it, lately. I sure hope that things will be better soon. A new camera! I hope it gets there soon. I can't wait to see the fun you will have with that.


Hang in there...things have to improve, right? Be blessed. Dianntha


Hope the new camera is a joy to us Clarice. I never trust new gadgets these days as there as so many things on them that can go wrong (and mine usually do). Last year my new freezer, washing machine and sewing machine all had to be returned as they were faulty on arrival. This year its the new carpet (stained). What happened to quality control? Well that's got a few moans off my chest.I'll look forward to seeing your new pics with the new camera (lucky you I'm very envious)


Mmm butter tarts - they're a favourite around here.
Glad your husband is better and you can eat your Thanksgiving feast!



Keep looking on the bright side ~ enjoy your Thanksgiving and look forward to that wonderful new camera. Waiting patiently,

Susan P.

I feel the same way about my camera. I hope yours comes soon so you can show us all the delicous Thanksgiving foods you made. Enjoy those butter tarts~Yum, Yum, Yummy!!


LOL! Funny post! I've not had butter tarts in years. Something more to look forward to. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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