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Squirrel Washcloth


Can you tell I am into squirrels lately ;-) I am really loving this squirrel washcloth. If you are new to knitting, washcloths are a great project for two reasons. One, the cotton yarn you use is easy, cheap and can handle being torn-out and re-knitted a couple of times. Two, washcloths are a small project to learn a new stitch. I would not say this is a hard pattern but also not the best for a new knitter. I highly recommend these knitting videos, if you are like me and like to see how to do a stitch xoxoxox


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Oh Clarice! I love this! You knit wonderfully. Thank you for the link and pattern. It is easier for me to watch someone than to look at illustrations.


Dear Clarice,

I haven't stopped by here for a while, and I see I've been missing out on lots of fun! Thanks for the great "leaf-waxing" tip; I looked all over the internet last year for ideas on waxing leaves and flowers, and couldn't find any!

Have a blessed day,



What a clever idea Clarice, a few more wash cloths and you could could stitch them together for a rug. I might give it a go! Eli


I love it, Clarice! I'm a huge fan of squirrels. :0)

Lavender Dreamer

I'm going to try these! It's been a long time since I knitted so I will need a refresher! But I've seen washcloths at craft shows and I WANT ONE! heehee! So I better get to knitting!

Donna O.

I've been squirreled away all week at the office so it's nice to visit!!

Gumbo Lily

So very cute, Clarice! Ornamental and functional!


Jean Tuthill

That washcloth is so cute. The little squirrel is amazing! I love the red, it's great for Fall or Christmas. Thank you for sharing.



I have a funny story to share about a squirrel.

This morning while getting things holidayish outside for the open house I sat a large red market basket atop one of the tables that sits on the patio.
I had gathered pine cones from underneath the white pines and filled the large basket, along with a bundle of Indian corn. The basket itself is very large and the contents inside make the basket heavy.

I happened to look outside and gazed at the basket, but what to my wondering eyes should appear, a very determined gray squirrel attempting to carry off the large bundle of Indian Corn and in the process dragging the basket off to the ground.
This little gray squirrel must have had a large high protein breakfast as he/she was very strong for a squirrel that is.

Jill xoo


Oh, Clarice...I just love it!! But then, I have a squirrel tattoo!! I would love for you to come by and visit. Oh, would you consider selling these?? I think, no, I know, I need one.


Very cute! I love it. : )

I agree with you about knitting washcloths. I was very uncomfortable doing anything other than a basic knit stitch before buying a book of washcloth patterns. I'm still not terribly comfortable with garment knitting, but I am more adept at those basic knitting stitches that has allowed me to do some lace knitting.

Plus, like you said, they're fun, cute and pratical!

I hope people new to knitting will take your encouraging advice and give it a try!


Beautiful, and I love the red!


Dear Clarice,

I love your squirrel washcloth. It is so sweet! You knit beautifully! I am glad you shared the links. I know they will help me seeing someone do those stitches, but I do wish you could show me! I also love the pretty fabric your squirrel is sitting upon! Everything you do is so lovely and charming!
Love, Paula


This is absolutely darling!


Very cute-and love the red too!That would make a sweet little gift~
Thank you for sharing!

karla nathan

Plus, cotton knit washcloths feel so good to use! I keep some in the kitchen for washing the baby's face when she is done eating.

the pleasures of homemaking

Very cute! I like squirrels too except when they dig up my veggie garden :-) Thanks for the link to the videos. I have to see someone do a stitch. I can not follow pictures in a book, believe me I've tried.



How sweet! I wish I knitted! Grrrrr.

Sharon D..

Clarice, that is too cute! I love squirrels too, perfect for Autumn along with those acorns :)

I thought I would also let you know that our Wal-Mart has the crystals on clearance (that you used for the girl's ornaments last year) for $1.00 a 4-pack. I'm not sure if yours are marked down but it's worth checking out :)

Thanks for such an inspirational blog Clarice. You get my creative juices flowing :)


So cute Clarice!!
Love it!
Have a great night!

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