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10 Frugal Tips


1: When making my 60 second chocolate mouse, if you do not have heavy cream you can use milk. Just add an extra egg yoke.

2: Going through old clothes, I have been using them for fabric. Dresses are especially good. Those full skirts have lots of fabric.

3: I having been using powdered milk in baking. It is working fine for things like cookies, muffins, bread, cakes, etc. It is not good for things with custards, like bread puddings.

4: For lunches, we have made individual mac and cheeses in little foil containers and stuffed baked potatoes. They bake off frozen just fine. We also want to make egg rolls, soup and refried beans. We plan to make large amount and put in the freezer for lunches to.

5: Right now I am making tags and fabric bags for Christmas.

6: I took old beat up tee shirts and cut them into squares for throw away rags. They are perfect for cleaning really greasy jobs.

7: I have been making fruit crisps for breakfast. When you think about it, they are pretty healthy. They are also a way for me to get my picky girl who hates oatmeal to eat her oats.

8: This is not really a tip, because I have not tried it yet. But was wondering if anyone else has and if you were happy with it.

Dishwasher Detergent; 

1 TBL. borax

1 TBL. baking soda

(you can add tea tree or lavender oil for disfentant)

Also using vinager as a rinsing agent.

9: Pork fat rules in our house, my family is addicted to bacon. So I allow bacon once a week, two piece per-person. I buy the big pack at Costco, and put 8 slices in a little sandwich baggie. Then I put all those baggies in a big freezer baggie. By the way bacon de-frost fasts. My favorite way to use bacon, is to roast a bunch of veggies, toss that with pasta and then crumble the bacon over that. It helps to get those veggies down ;-)

10: I am sooo excited Frugal Luxuries by Tracey McBride has started a blog. I really enjoy her books and look forward to her posts. She also has a second blog Frugal Luxuries by The Seasons.Go say hello  xoxoxox 



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Love your tips & the links to Frugal Luxuries!


I love that book cover! They really knew how to make books in the past! That one's on my "watch" list.

- Sue

Jean Tuthill

Thanks for all the frugal tips and I'll go visit Tracey.

Gumbo Lily

Great tips, Clarice!
I recently found a "too small" cotton shirt of my son's in the trash. Because I loved the brown paisley, I snatched it out and saved it for sewing projects.

I haven't used the dishwasher mix, but I use just half the amount of Cascade in my DW. It works just as well and saves $.

I love to use bacon too and I'm amazed at how much bang you can get out of 2or3 strips of bacon in recipes. So much flavor.

Thanks for the Frugal Luxuries link!


Lovely tips and turkeys!
I tried homemade dishwasher detergent with borax and washing soda, not baking soda. I did the vinegar rinse as well. I stopped after a few loads as it left an awful film. We have really horrid, hard water here, though and I don't know if that was the trouble. I've switched to a more "natural" liquid lavendar detergent that works well for us.
I do make our own laundry detergent and love that though!


So funny about the crisps...I have always said they are the perfect breakfast food, oats, fruit and with the addition of ice cream or whipped cream some dairy too. Last month it was time for Bob to supply breakfast for 25 people at the office (they take turns on Fridays) and I made two big pans of apple crisp. No one seemed to think it odd or if they did it didn't matter...all was devoured.



Clarice great tips...
and thank you for the like to Tracy McBride blog...


Lady Laurie

Dear Clarice,
Thanks for the tips and the link. Another Tracy McBride fan here as well!


Thank you so much for sharing your frugal tips! I have both of Tracey McBride's books and absolutely love them and her writing style. I will definitely give her a visit. Thank you!


Well first of all, I love that book cover, especially the hollyhocks. I've always been attracted to anything with hollyhocks. I wish they would grow better here, but our humidity makes them a bit sad and gives them rust.
These are all wonderful tips Clarice. Thank you for sharing them. I often look at old clothes for fabric, buttons and for my household dusting cloths, ect. Lately, I've been thinking wool, and old wool skirts are wonderful to recycle. I've been thinking ahead to ways to make do for the holiday season. I think it inspires a lot of creativity to think about ways to extend our budgets, and to recycle older things. I think that's another reason that I enjoy thrifting so much. Store bought is easy, but not always half as interesting.


New here! Just wanted to say first love your blog-Second love love borax for everything but the dishwasher. If you use it the water has to be hot to dissolve it well. Even with the vinegar, glasses can get cloudy and pitted. Only my experience, I used it for away until my husband put his foot down. I use it for everything else cleaning supplies, laundry etc. Maybe if you dissolved it first it wouldn't be so harsh.

Sharon D..

Thanks for the tips Clarice :) I often go to the thrift stores for their bag sale ($1.00 trash bag full of clothes) for buttons or craft projects. My latest project is using wool sweaters and felting them. I plan on using the sleeves to make fingerless gloves and embellishing them.

Thanks again for the tips and for letting me know about Tracey's blog :)

sandra Evertson

Cool, all things I needed to know! Thanks!
Sandra evertson


Hi Clarice! Just had to comment on your great frugal tips! You've inspired me to start making my gift bags from the discarded clothes sack!! Also, thank you so much for mentioning my blogs...I really value your kind words and good thoughts. Oh, your blog is so cute!! I love the romance of it!! I don't have a bunch of time today, but probably tomorrow morning I'll look through it...though I'm sooo tempted to stay...I have a few projects I'm right in the middle of and must finish!!
Thanks again for the great tips and the kind mention.

Lavender Dreamer

Great tips! Thanks! And I love the links to the 'frugal' blogs! Very good info!


Great tips, Clarice. I'd love to hear what people say about that homemade dishwasher detergent. I'll have to check back on the comments.

Have a great day,

the pleasures of homemaking

I've always used powdered milk for baking because we're just not a milk drinking family and it would always go bad! I know isn't it great that Tracey has a blog - she was so kind as to visit mine and it was such a thrill to see a comment from her! I love her books so much!



Thanks for all your frugal tips. And yum! Thanks for the link to your crisp recipe -- I LOVE crisps!


Good morning Clarice!
I love all your frugal tips!!! Thank you so much for sharing them. You always inspire me! Thank you for the links I will go visit Tracey. Love the photo of the vintage book.

Love, Paula

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