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Kira vi

your doll house is amazing, i have never seen anything suchh beautyful. i wish you could share the blue-print (kit,craft,...) of this extoxic doll house to me. even if it just some image, please. you could send me by email to: [email protected]. thank you very much!!!

jennifer Paganellli

now this is where I belong..tucked inside with a wee bit of tea spending time with my blogging bud Clarice...


The dollshouse looks wonderful!


Dear Chloe,

You did a beautiful job fall decorating! I love your little world in miniature. It is so very inviting, and the perfect place to dream and watch the wee ones!



It is precious! Your banner has to be the prettiest in blogdom.

Gumbo Lily

I love seeing the seasons change with Chloe's doll house. Nice work, young lady! I'm coming for tea too!


Cathy Santarsiero

Oh how absolutely charming!


A note from the piXies:

Dear Chloe,
Your dollhouse looks great! We've seen decorating for Fall before, but WOW!!! We especially love the pumpkin carvers (sitting at the table). That's so cool!


Dear Chloe,

Your doll house looks good! You did a great job!
Love, Justin


You have a wonderful house Chloe! I love that your house is pink.
If your weather is anything like ours, she can plan a winter house soon. I think we have skipped fall all together.


Wow! Mistress Lauren of ButtonWillow Cottage left quite a wonderful comment to Chloe. Pretty special.
Anyway, your Chloe is just too sweet to be decorating her doll house to match the seasons. What a lovely daughter.:)
Have a great day!~Salina


Just gorgeous, and what fun!


Chloe your house is wonderful...
save some tea for me....




Your doll house is Automne sweet..

Jill xoo

the pleasures of homemaking

So pretty Chloe! I've always wanted a doll house (my daughter on the other hand couldn't care less). If I could figure out where to put it I'd get one of those kits and build one. So cute!



Save some tea for me! You did a wonderful job, Chloe! I love all of the falling leaves and everything looks so cozy!


Oh this is a big doll house, I love it !!
I'm just starting out with them. My husband made me a small one and I furnished part of it so far and posted that to my Blog. I'm having so much fun as I see you do with your Fall decor there !!


Can I come for tea, too?


I love your house Chloe but I hope your dolls don't get fits of the sneezles or there will be leaves flyng everywhere. What fun that would be. I look forward to seeing your doll house at Christmas, I bet it will look wonderful. Love from Eli in Egland x.

Miss Mari-Nanci

How perfectly precious...


Please come over and see my costume!!! For PEA'S Halloween Party on Friday. Are you going?!?

I am soooo cute, and perky, and pretty!!!!!! Stop laughing! This is the Net, ya'know! And a Party is in Virtual Reality, ya' know! Where anything is possible!!!! -giggles-

Happy Halloween hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci

Mistress Lauren of ButtonWillow Cottage

Dearest Chloe,
As you well know, there isn't a lot of time for our leaving notes and such when we visit neighboring cottages, but I had to leave a quick one for you, my dear, as I've something to report and apologize for.
Mrs. Mouse reported to me that during the late late evening hours--in fact it would be more appropriate to report that it was during the early early MORNING hours (in other words, the wee of the night) that Brother Mouse and a few of his other rapscallion friends took a small sojourn away from ButtonWillow and happened upon your teeny cottage. Mice being the little nesters that they are, they couldn't resist the coziness of it all and made themselves comfortable for the rest of the deep evening. This was all discovered, naturally by Mrs. Mouse (since not much gets past her...or any other attentive mother for that matter...eyes in the back of her head and all that sort of thing) and she extracted the full story from Brother M.. He did confess to having mussed things up just a wee bit, knocking some bits around and such, but that they did their very, very best to set things aright.
I do apologize and hope that you found everything to be safe and sound and in it's proper places. They confessed to drinking a bit of tea also, so apologies for your diminished supply. Considering the size of mice appetites, we do hope that the amount they consumed will be of no consequence to you or your dollies.
Please note that these hooligans have been duly punished for their breaking and entering and that Mrs. Mouse, Brother Mouse, and all the rest send their sincerest and most heartfelt apologies.
You have made a lovely home dear one, and I suspect this wont be the first visitor that sneaks in during your slumber.
Hopefully we wont have to worry about it being any others from the ButtonWillow Small Dwellings!
Enjoy your little cottage home--the arrival of Autumn there looks positively scrumptious.
Yours warmly,
M. Lauren
ButtonWillow Cottage


Dear Chloe,

We love your dollhouse!!!! It is beautiful! You have it decorated so pretty, sweetie!!! Thank you for sharing.
Love, Paula


Chloe, your home is BEAUTIFUL! What a great job! I loved viewing the pictures and am glad you are continuing your lovely tradition.

Hugs from

Susan P.

That is absolutely charming, Chloe!! You certainly take after your talented mother in the creativity department:)


Chloe, your home is BEAUTIFUL! What a great job! I loved viewing the pictures and am glad you are continuing your lovely tradition.

Hugs from


That is too sweet!
One of my strongest memories from my childhood is a doll house my parents built for me.It was probably the most played with toy I ever had.


That is adorable!! I have a beautiful doll house that my dad built for me, but right now it's in the attic. I've been waiting for my daughter to get just a little older before giving it to her. I can't wait to start decorating it (or re-decortating it, in this case)! I love to look at all of the doll house furniture and accessories at my Hobby Lobby, they are all so cute!


Our children learn so much from us - yours are learning wonderful things!

What a sweet autumn home.


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