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Stove-Top Simmers

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Well I was suppose to be doing a fall nature sketch, but my mind always wanders back to cooking. I am really allergic to perfume. It makes me sad I can not have those yummy, scented candles in my home. So I am always looking for interesting alternatives. I love these stove-top simmer. They smell delish, can be reused and use things I always have around my house. I did want to say, it probably does not sound very frugal to you to use vanilla beans. They are a precious commodity. But where I buy mine is such a good deal, I usually buy like 30 at a time (read about it in the link above). So I can afford to use a vanilla bean in a simmer xoxoxoxox 



Apple & Vanilla Stove-Top Simmer

In a sauce pan, set 1 sliced apple, 1 vanilla bean, 1 TBS. fresh ground nutmeg. Cover with water and simmer for 1/2 hour.

Orange & Ginger Stove-Top Simmer

In a sauce pan, set 1 sliced orange, 4 whole coriander's, 2 thick slices of fresh ginger. Cover with water and simmer of 1/2 hour.

*Both of these can be strained, saved in fridge and re-simmer.


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Gumbo Lily

I like to do this too, Clarice. I usually use my orange and lemon peelings and add the spices to them. I like the idea of Vanilla scented too.

Love your sketch book entry!!


Mrs Holter-Hovind

A crisp snowy morning here in Norway and I have a pot of cinnamon sticks, star anise and eucalyptus leaves on our woodstove today:) Happy November. Gill.



Thanks for sharing the Vanilla Bean connection.
I plan to order some beans for Christmas.

Jill xoo

The Glitter Fairy

Oooooh! I can smell it from here!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Clarice. It was so great to hear from you. I have been under such a big pile of glitter that I haven't been able to blog much and I really miss you!
I think I had better get a pot of cinnamon and cloves going on my stove! Hope all is well in your world...
Sending you all my glittery love,

Lavender Dreamer

Your blog is just delightful! I have spent all afternoon on your Old Children's books posts! I collect old books, too and I have enjoyed seeing your wonderful collection! I would like to link your blog to mine, if that's OK! THANKS!


Dear Clarice,

Your pumpkin picture is great! I love the smells of fall and these two simmering recipes sound just perfect for a chilly Halloween night. Have a wonderful night and weekend!



What a wonderful recipe...I will be trying it as candles are one thing being cut out of the budget!



Oh, these sound/smell wonderful. I like to save orange and lemon peels, dry them and then simmer them with cinnamon sticks, cloves and bay leaves. What a warm and cozy smell they add to the house.

I'll be saving your ideas and trying them out.

Best of days,

Ali Harriman

Delicious! May I also suggest essential oils of orange, lemon, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove may also be used on a burner to give your home a wonderful cold weather scent!


Happy day Clarice! Oh, I love your pretty sketch and those stove top simmers sound wonderful! Like you we can't use scented candles, so this will be perfect for us to scent our home naturally! I can hardly wait to try them. You always think of such good things!
Love, Paula


Stove top simmers, what a great idea Clarice. I'm going to give it a go straight away. It has a real seasonal feel to it. Like you, I can't stand strong perfumes so the idea of natural smelling nutmeg, orange, ginger and and vanilla is very appealing. Happy Halloween to yo all especially those clever little doll house people, I wonder what they will get up to tonight. Ask Chloe if the doll house is haunted.


Hi :o)
I have just started reading your blog and really enjoy it.
We heat by wood and always have a simmer pot on with cinnamon and vanilla. I never tire of the combined smell.
Have a great weekend,



We are kindred spirits again. I use cheap cinnamon sticks, a few cloves and a couple of bay leaves. I have a little pan that is all dented up and I just leave mine out and re simmer when the mood strikes ( which is often this time of year)!

Happy Halloween to you and the girls, and David too. I am thinking you don't get too many Trick or Treaters unless you stand at the end of the drive with the treats,lol.


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