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May I please have permission to print your squirrel pattern. He is just too cute!


Ooooh! That would be cute!

Pearl Maple

Can see all your crafting fans can find all kinds of fun things to do with this pattern. Thanks for sharing.


I love this, Clarice...and will print it off for a Tea towel...hmmmmm...what color should I make him...feeling a bit of whimsy coming on...a PINK squirrel.


This would make a wonderful applique pattern too. Maybe with wool and then embroider on the details.

Thank you for sharing, Clarice.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!


Dear Clarice,

Thank you so much for sharing this sweet squirrel pattern! I can hardly wait to stitch one up!
Love, Paula xoxoxo


Great squirrel pattern Clarice.
I think it would be a great thing for Thanksgiving. My daughter works for a newspaper called the Acorn, so we are always looking for squirrels and acorns.


I think you are right. This would be a great pattern for a pillow. Thanks. ~Salina


You're right, it would make a wonderful embroidery. Thanks for sharing!

Miss Mari-Nanci

"a squirrel pattern from an old children's teacher manual I own"

Oh thank you for posting this. No, I don't do embroidery but it stirs a memory, still.

I used to love to collect patterns, which teachers gave us in grade school. I had them, for each holiday. And kept the originals in a 'special' box.

And as each holiday rolled around, I'd take that holiday's patterns out and trace them, all over again. And color them and decorate things with them.

I spent much time at the dining room table, doing such. And it's a very happy childhood memory of mine.

Thank you much...

Miss Mari-Nanci

Karen Young

Thank you for the lovely squirrel pattern. I think I will give it a try. It would make a lovely sachet to add to my "Autumn in a Box.

I really enjoyed your article in the new " Sommerset Life."

Hugs Karen

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