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The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree


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The morns are meeker than they were,

  The nuts are getting brown;

The berry's cheek is plumper,

  The rose is out of town.


The maple wears a gayer scarf,

  The field a scarlet grown,

Lest I should be old-fashioned,

  I'll put a trinket on.

                         Emily Dickinson


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Clarice, this is such a lovely photograph. I love the combination of colors. Everything here at Storybook Woods is so wonderfully "autumn". I've enjoyed reading your recipes, seeing your sketchbook and I love the Brambly Hedge plate too. We relate so much to the same things, my dear friend.

All my best.


AMAZING colors!

Mrs Holter-Hovind

Glorious colours in your Autumn post...we are all white today...the children were thrilled to wake up to 4" snow! Good thing I filled up the birdfeeders yesterday. Gill.


Lovely flowers and poem, Clarice!

Gumbo Lily

what a gorgeous pic.



Autumn is wonderful!!!


I came across the poem on the internet but somehow missed it was written by Emily Dickinson!

Stop over if you can and visit my first Home School Open House...




That is my favorite Autumn poem.

The picture is stunning!

Jill xoo

jennifer Paganellli

Love you and your blog but you already knew the rose tutorial you shared...thanks for that...


Pretty piX! The eXplosion of vibrant colors is a delight ~ love the poem too.

Elizabeth Quigley

Hi Clarice,
What a pretty picture. Thank you for sharing.

the pleasures of homemaking

Beutiful photo Clarice! I love hydrangeas and lovely poem too!



Two of my favorites-hydrangeas and Emily Dickinson! Your blog is very nice-love the name too.


Oh Clarice,
What beauty you have shared!!! I love your gorgeous photo. Those hydrangeas are so beautiful! I love their colors! The yellow maple leaves are incredible too and the red ones are lovely. It all looks so pretty! I love Autumn and I love the poem you shared. I think I will go put a trinket on!

Love, Paula


Dear Clarice,

What a beautiful photo! Love the colors, so vibrant...The quote is wonderful too!


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