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You would think after 15 or more years of rereading my old Victoria magazines, I would get bored with them. I mean they are hopelessly out-of-date, there is no simplicity to their vignettes, they are extremely girly, there are bouquets everywhere, piles of silver and china, gleaming candle in almost every picture    ;-) But this is the very reason I love them and quite frankly there is not much else out there that gives me the same thing. So I confess, I love the overfilling, girly, abundant, over the top pages of Victoria.

It inspired me to "Victoria'ize" my library. I went and cut a bunch of ivy, berries and whatever else caught my fancy. I piled it all on my mantle. Added some fake red leaves, feather, hydrangeas and filled in with all my deers. I am thrilled with the messy, too much, unclean look of it all.

Ohh and look at my little phone booth my father bought me. The first thing I did when I got to San Diego (truly, I had not even dropped my luggage off at my fathers house) was to go to Home Goods. I literally ran thought the store because I did not have a lot of time to look (and I would not be tempted to buy more then I could). I LOVE Home Goodies. Oh my gosh, I could have filled my suitcase with lavender silk love seat, red taffeta ruffled pillows, black roses lamp, Swedish painted wooden floor clock and oodles of china. If you are lucky enough to have a HG in your area and you have never been, go shopping for me xoxoxo

Libary mantel2 

                                  Libary mantel4


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Your home looks lovely and just so welcoming...
HOME GOODS...would love to go..out here, I enjoy Marshall's, TJ MAX and Ross (although it is so disorganized at times it makes me crazy)not to mention over a dozen thrift stores within a 1/2 hour radius of my home...
Great post.


I love your old fashioned British phone booth. Unfortunately their life sized originals are almost extinct.



Adorable little phone booth! And hey, I have that London map, too! Know what you mean about Victoria--I love reading it and poring over back issues, too; my husband wouldn't like such over-the-top girliness in our home, but I can add little things here and there...


Your Autumn mantle is so charming, Clarice! I never get tired of my Victorias either. I was just looking at them yesterday. :0)


Wow, it turned out lovely! So rich and timeless. I love the old Victorias too. I found a big pile of them from the 80s and 90s at an antique mall for $1 and you can bet i snatched them up ;) they are good fireside reading


Love the old magazines too!!
The mantle is BEAUTIFUL!!!


Pretty Clarice! Could you fly on over and do my mantle for me:-)


Clarice, you are so funny!! Your mantle is lovely. Is that a collection of deer? Dianntha


I love your Automne Deer Mantle and don't see that is even slightly over the top, but rather just right. Great colors, of cours I'm partial to red.

Jill xoo


Dear Clarice,

I love your mantle! It is just beautiful, perfect little touches here and there... I couldn't agree with you more about the old Victoria's! I never tire of them either. I had to laugh at your comment about how you are "thrilled with the messy, too much, unclean look of it all" that is me too!!! I am simply not happy with sparse decorating. The HG shop sounds like a little store in heaven! I wish we had one here...


Hi Clarice. We don't have Victoria mag in England (more's the pity) but I am as nutty as you with a large magazine stash. Country Living etc. etc. 5 years ago I had a cupboard specially built to put them all in and it's now creaking under the great weight. But what a joy to pick out a few mags and sit by a glowing fire dreaming and planning. I love your mantle by the way. It looks very festive! Have a happy eweekend, Eli


I love how your idea turned cute!

And what an adorable phone booth your dad gave you! How unique and full of charm! :)



Oh so very cute! I love the homey, comfy, and cozy look --- sweet as can be. I too have boxes of old Victoria magazines. They are always an inspiration and are timeless.



Love it! I especially love the map above the fireplace...

A HomeGoods store just opened last week not five minutes from my house. I've resisted going in cause I know I will come out with way too much!



So pretty. I love all the greens and the deer. But, I especially love the British phone booth! Delightful!


Clarice! You have outdone yourself. I thought, at first, that your mantle was from a magazine photo. Your deer collection is wonderful and you've inspired me to get off of this computer and go and decorate something...thanks! Blessings, Debra


I'll chime in with more love for Victoria magazine. I have many, would like to have all of them, and I pull them out month by month. They are truly inspirational.



Clarice, your mantle looks so pretty, and this will be a pretty look all through the coming months too. I'm envisioning it during the winter months with a sprinkling of "snow".
I too love the old Victorias. There was just something about them that felt real, in a way that the new magazine doesn't, even though it is very nice too.
I'm always trying to do "less" but I'm hopeless at it. Some of my favorite illustrations in children's books are the litte creatures homes that are chock full of old china and books, ect. You know the in Brambly Hedge. I try not to overdo, because I want my guys to feel comfortable, but I still love that look.

Cathy Santarsiero

Hi Clarice! I agree about the old Victorias. They are so fantastic. I love your little phone booth and the whole darn mantle! So very lovely. xo Cat ^..^

Nancy Jane

I love those magazines and in 01 when we moved from CA to Alaska I had to part with them. I just had too much weight and let many things go. I was like you looking through them all the time too. I especially remember a gorgeous cover on a Valentine month, I wish I had kept that one alone. I was saddened when the magazine stopped but now it's on again and I'm thrilled and taking it again.


Dear Clarice,

I love my old Victoria's too and you described them perfectly. I think that is why they are so timeless and appealing! I gather all my old ones at the beginning of each new month to enjoy all over again.

Your library is gorgeous and I love how you Victoriaized it! The deer are so sweet and all the greenery you added as well as the red and white linen. It is simply charming! You have created a lovely vignette... which I always have thought you to be very good at!

The phone booth is so adorable and is at home in your beautiful library.

Love, Paula


Hello Clarice,
I think that your mantel is so charming and frankly, not too girly at all. I think that both genders would find it equally appealing for it has a very natural woodsy look to it. By the way I love all your deer.

Miss Mari-Nanci

I love it that some of us bring out our old Victoria magazines, by the month. :-))) We are a very nice group of pretty-things-lovers, I would say. :-)

No, my home is not able to look like the photos in Victoria magazines. But that doesn't mean I can't jump into the photos and live there, for a few minutes, while going through them, again and again.

Make believe is wonderful! :-)

Gentle hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci

Lady Laurie

I loved the old Victoria Magazine, but I am also liking the new one ~ just not as much!!
Love your mantle, and the phone booth brings back memories of when we lived in England, we would go make our "trunk" calls!


I love it, Clarice!! It looks beautiful. I especially like that tiny silhouette hanging to the side--so sweet!

I, too, LOVE Victoria!! I have all my mags from 1992 till the end--and now it's back! I'm so glad. I keep mine in files by the month and like to drag them out for that particular month to get ideas for seasonal decorating:)

I was finally able to read your article in Somerset Life--very nice!!

the pleasures of homemaking

I have a stack of old Victoria's that I enjoy looking at. I usually pull them out at Christmas for some reason :-) Love your Victoria'ized mantel! That phone booth is so great! Home Goods is a fun store - it's hard to go in there and not come out with something. Fortunately they clearance things pretty quickly (at least at my TJ Maxx/Homegoods store). I really could buy loads and loads of dishes there!! Fortunately I don't have any more room for dishes so that keeps me away from that department. BUT I do have a linen problem also and I can always squeeze one more tablecloth or pillow into my linen storage LOL!


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