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Apple Day


Apple day


Well it is that time of year again. I think after Christmas this is my favorite celebration. I write about how it all started in other posts you can read. It really ushers in fall for us and my girls really look forward to it. I am hoping that this tradition that catch on with everyone. It can be simply lighting a candle, eating a apple and appreciate the season. Or a whole day of apple picking, making sauce and enjoying your labors by candle light. Candle light or fire light is one of our rules for Apple Night, no lights. We read fall books and just are thankful for the bounty of fall, our family and home and the small moments of life. Also there is no specific day. Just find a relaxing day for you family, so you are not rushed and can really stop and enjoy it. I do hope you have an Apple Night and if you do, please let me know. I know several families who make this a yearly tradition and that thrills me to no end. Plus if you want to post or have a button for your blog, feel free to use this new image I made. There is a smaller one below. Happy Apple Day xoxoxox




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jamie in rose cottage

Fun idea! We actually did an apple study this week, posted here. And I've got a yummy apple-oat muffin recipe over on my blog as well!


ooh Clarice what a wonderful idea, family traditions are wonderful, I just love this time of year and apples are a part I realy look forward to, making apple sauce and chutney, as I know that we will be giving these as gifts to friends and neighbors for christmas......and I think that we will make a day and include as many family members as possible next year and make an "apple day" of our own. thankyou for sharing your wonderful family tradition with us all. blessings Jan x


Dear Clarice,

Oh! I so love this idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Your night sounds very charming and wonderful. This will definitely become a tradition with us. A delightful repast indeed!



What a wonderful idea, Clarice! I'm going to make apple crisp this coming weekend. :0)

Jean Tuthill

This sounds like a great day to start a tradition on. I like that I could do it when I want--no pressure! I saw your article in Somerset and I loved it!


I just found your blog and I am excited to read more....it's peaceful and serene here. I think I am going to like it.


Dear Clarice,

Oh apple day sounds so lovely! We love Autumn and we love apples so I know this will become a yearly tradition in our home too. Thank you so much for sharing all your lovely creative happenings!

Love, Paula xoxoxo

Cathy Santarsiero

What a lovely family tradition, Clarice! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Warmly, Cathy ^..^


Such a wonderful Fall tradition. ThanX for the reminder. Enjoy!

Susan P.

I remember you talking about this last year and I thought it was such a charming tradition. Thanks to you, we WILL celebrate apple day in our home, too!


What a lovely tradition.


What a fun tradition! And would you believe that yesterday for my husband's birthday, I baked his favorite- apple pie! (I'm not a huge baker or cook, so when I make something from scratch, it's really a labor of love for that person!)
Love these ideas for an apple day! :)


This sounds lovely. I am going to do this. I love autumn and all that it has to offer including apples!:) Autumn is such cozy time.
Take care Clarice,

Gumbo Lily

Is the menu mostly the same as other Apple Days this year at your house? I have to tell you that I added apple chunks to a creamy sausage stew I made the other night and I really liked it. They sort of mush up in the stew, but it adds a nice sweetness to the flavor of the stew.

I love your Apple Day celebration!



I love the simplicity of "Apple Day" and night.

Jill xoo

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