The Best Part Of Traveling, Is Coming Home
Apple Day


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Calm vibes, calm vibes..coming your way!!!
I'm sort of in the same boat as you. It's so crazy around here my little blog is starving. :) Well, has been starving for a while.


this is so sweet!~


Isn't that pomander gorgeous! Hope life slows down for you soon,


I know those ups and downs...ahhh..take a breath have a cuppa....put on some instrumental music....set back for 5 minutes and just Praise the good to you, Clarice.

Lady Laurie

Dear Clarice,
I know how sometimes life gets in the way of blogging! Hope things are better for you soon ~ take care of yourself!


What have you been up to that's keeping you away?



Happy and calm is good, I know exactly what you mean.
I do miss the daily happy and calm bloggings from you.
Thanks for the tutorial.

Jill xoo


Hi, I have just come across your blog its realy lovely and I especialy love the rose recipes, I have never seen so many in one place (what a treat) I will definetley be back to visit. blessings Jan x

Susan P.

That is absolutely darling! I hope things quiet down for you a little:) xoxo Susan P.


I love this pomander and have been hankering to make it since I saw it on Betz' blog. But like you...oh, to find the time!

I really enjoyed the feature about you in the Somerset Life magazine. You and your girls remind me of me and mine when we were all a few years younger!



Dear Clarice,
This is so pretty! Thank you for the link. I have her book, Warm Fuzzies, I love it, and did not know she had a blog. I know things will calm down for you very soon so you can make one of these!

Love, Paula


This is so pretty. Thank you for sharing the link Clarice.

Don't forget to breathe!

the pleasures of homemaking

Hi Clarice,

Thank you for the link! I'd love to make one of those. Hope things calm down soon for you!




Oh that's beautiful, thanks so much for sharing the tutorial with us. Life is so demanding sometimes, sometimes I want to tell it, "Hey I've got bigger better plans than what you're asking." I hope you can enjoy a relaxing drink and feel fabulous soon. My life just settled AGAIN. I'm hoping this calm lasts longer than normal. I wish you the same.


Thanks for the link, I love them….
Now to find the time to make a few…


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