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Silloutte pumpkin1

Well now that I am done with my baking issue, I thought I would post a week of autumn corners, today is a silhouette pumpkin. I got a fake white pumpkin at Michel's. Also black acrylic paint and a fine-tipped paint brush.

Picture 1268

I printed up on card-stock a 5x7 of the silhouette below (just click on picture and save). I carefully cut out the face and using double sided table, taped it to the pumpkin.With a pencil I traced around the face. Then with the fine-tipped brush, painted over the pencil line.

Picture 1266Picture 1270   

I just filled in with paint. It took about five coats, but I am thrilled with my pumpkin.

Hey, I will probably not have time to do much, but I am going to San Diego next week for a couple of days. Is there any must see shops in the area? I know were are going wine tasting in Temecula one day. Thank you for any recommendations xoxoxo

Picture 1271 Pumpkin silloute


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karla nathan

How delightful! I'd like to make a witchey one!!

Dee (

This is the prettiest thing ever! I'm so going to copy you!

Gumbo Lily

Very nice! A perfect Victorian pumpkin display. And reusable. How thrifty of you!



I love this look....

very nice...



Clarice, too pretty indeed! Have a great trip:-)


Hi Clarice, what an elegant idea for halloween! A silhouette on a pumpkin is a clever pairing. What great ideas you have! Thanks for sharing!


How wonderful and elegant, Clarice!

Amy O./picketfencemom

Thanks so much for taking the time to pop over to my blog and leave a comment! I hope it was okay to use your photo in my post linking back to your blog and this post on the silhouette pumpkin. It's just beautiful and so visual...a photo says more than I ever could about this delightful project.
Thanks again for sharing such inspirational ideas!
Amy O.


I love your pumpkin, Clarice! I was just wondering a couple of days ago, if you were going to do your "Autumn Corners" again. I enjoyed that so much last year. This project has inspired me. Thank you!


You are coo-coo crafty girl! That is wonderful! I think I would put a witch on mine. Mwaaaaahhaaaaaaaa. I found these plastic pumpkins that you can actually carve! If I send them over, will you carve them for me?? I don't carve either. :-P

Lady Laurie

I love your pumpkin ~ it reminds me of Jane Austen!

Chloe Fox-Hughes

I just love it !!!!!!! It total ROCKS ;) have a grate day love Chloe

the pleasures of homemaking

Well now THAT is the best pumpkin I've seen ever! You have a very steady hand :-) I love how you have it displayed! Can't wait to see all your other Autumn touches!



Dear Clarice,

What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing. I love silhouettes. It looks especially nice on the white pumpkin! Have a great time in SD! (I hear they film most of the CSI Miami episodes there) :o)



Dear Clarice,

I love your beautiful pumpkin and Autumn arrangement! This is such a lovely vignette! You are so creative! Thank you for sharing the silhouette. I can hardly wait to make one.

I hope you have a wonderful time in San Diego!!!
Love, Paula xoxoxoxo


Very pretty!! Maybe I'll have to try this.

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