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Well it has taken me a year and half (I say with a red, embarrassed face), but I finally have a second issue of my petite-magazine. It is a baking issue. It all came about because my girls were saying, there is all this wonderful information on your blog but we do not have a book. Since baking seems to be one of their favorite activities, I decided to do a baking issue. It is a compilation of recipes from the blog, but not all of them. I did not want the issue to be too big, but it does have some of our favorites. I also included any of the post were I talk about the recipe. So you have the information, as well as the recipe. I did add four new recipe that are not on the blog. An Over-night Blueberry Breakfast Cake, Sweet Potato Biscuits, Cider Cake and Scottish Oat Tails. There is a total of 21 recipes and the issue is 35 pages. I did a PDF file, you can download and also an actual soft-covered book. Which I have ordered and am really happy how it turned out.

I wanted to say something about the price of the book, after a conversation with a friend. The book is much more expensive then the PDF but this is not my cost, but the cost of actually printing. Believe me, I tried to do this book as cheaply as I can. I hope you enjoy this baking issue and it inspires you to bake more. I hope I have fixed all the grammar problems. Grammar is not my strength, as you know reading this blog. I had a few friends help me and look it over. Thank you Mom, Paula and Angie for all your help. But if I missed something, please forgive me. There is a preview of the petite-magazine at my store. I would love feed-back xoxox


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I'm partial to "real books" myself.

Clarice, this is so NICE! So nice!
What a great "cuddle" you have given us to cozy up with this winter season. :)

Thank you!


DO you keep copies of your book ...the printed one at your home ( or a neutral place)....just wondering IF it would be possible to just buy one in person...I have some birthday $$$$ left....

Gumbo Lily

What a beautiful book! It looks like a lot of time and effort went into it and the recipes....divine!



I just checked out the preview at LuLu and all I can say is WOW! It looks fantastic. Congratulations on a job well done. I'm so happy for you!


Clarice, I just downloaded a copy and I am in love! Such delicious recipes and the pictures are so charming. You did a lovely job!

the pleasures of homemaking

Well I love the Egg issue I have so I'll have to get this one too! I love the whole idea of these petite magazines!



Congratulations, Clarice! I know how hard and long you worked on this. Having seen the issue I can assure everyone it's absolutely beautiful!


Yay! Finally the Baking issue!
I want everyone to know that I had the pleasure of browsing through a hard copy of this wonderful, informative, beautiful, delicious book. I assure you, it's worth every penny. Great job, Clarice!

Love, Angie


I just couldn't resist, Clarice!! I too have ordered a copy of the "proper" book ~ am so looking forward to it dropping through my letter-box!


Hehe, I was distracted Clarice! Of course I still want the book! xo


You simply amaze me. I can't wait to download it. You are very nice to give it to us! Thank you!!


Dear Clarice,

I am so very excited for you!!!! I love the cover!!! The soft-covered book I ordered was shipped yesterday and should be here soon. I can hardly wait!!! You did such a wonderful job!!! The photos you took are gorgeous and the images are oh so sweet and the recipes are incredible! Your baking issue is a treasure... just like you!!!! I am so proud of you and all the work and love you put into your baking issue. I love your wonderful egg issue too and look forward to many more "petite magazines" from you dear!
Love you bunches!!! Paula


I ordered the "real book" too. It's looks like a real keeper! I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it, Clarice.

Best wishes!


This is some happy news today! I love the vignette that you used on the cover!


Alright, having some issues leaving a comment so if this is a copy of the other comment, well, doesnt' matter, and with due respect you deserve two comments from me cause I think your new baking cookbook is just fabulous!!

Jill xoo



I ordered a hard copy of your wonderful baking book and I can't wait to get it!

Jill xoo

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