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Autumn in a Box

Autumn box 

Happy First Day of Autumn !!!!!

Chloe and I were inspired to make an autumn in a box by Bloggedy blog blog. It is a nice way to remember what we love and look forward to the season. As we find or think of things, we will add them to our box. Thank you for the idea Loopy and Saucy !!!!!

In our box we put, acorns, cinnamon sticks, tea cup (for tea), candle, straw, leaves, knitted bag, mushroom, apple, pumpkin, deer, berries, dried corn, seed pods and pine-cones.

Autumnn box


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How darling!
We've got baskets filled with Autumn's Gifts of Nature like pinecones, leaves, & gourds. Pumpkin loves to play with it and sort things out.
I like the box idea though. We may try that next!

Karen Young

I just love this idea. Autumn is my very favourite season and I want to make a box. I have been enjoying your blog


Gumbo Lily

I like the way you celebrate, Clarice and Chloe! This idea would transfer nicely to every season.


country mouse

Yay! Lindy and I *love* this idea!!!! Right now, we'd settle for a *baby* in a box though : )

Lady Laurie

What a wonderful idea! It would be neat to make on for every season.
Happy Autumn!


Hi- stopping by from "there is no place like home" and your title caught my eye.
I have never heard of Autumn in a box but just love this idea!

I'm a home schooling mom, girls are 9 and 6.
Your blog is lovely!
Please feel free to stop by my very humble place and say hi!



Dear Clarice,

I simply LOVE this Autumn in a Box! You and Chloe did a beautiful job! I love everything you included in your box and how it is decorated! I am always so inspired by your (and your girl's) creativity! I hope you had a happy first day of fall!!! I also enjoyed the link you shared!

Love, Paula


Hi Clarice,

I love the box that you and Chloe made. I have a beautiful Autumn box that Rosa made for me, last year in a cigar box. It is scrapped in beautiful old fashioned scrap pictures, and she filled it with bits of Autumn. I remember, that last year, that box inspired Saucy to make one for a friend. Rosa was inspired by boxes that she saw in a toy store on a visit to England. I think it's wonderful how sharing in the blog world creates such inspiration for everyone.

All my best.


I love this Autumn in a box.
wonderful idea.....

I am going to check the other link right now...



What a wonderful idea!


Hi Clarice, thanks for stopping by. You do autumn/fall so much better in the States than we do here in England. I love the box. Hey! If little Sweetpea finds the way to Brambly Hedge please ask her to share the secret then we can all visit the mice. All the best from Enland, Eli.


What a lovely idea! I bet it smells heavenly too! Happy Autumn!

Debbie Grothe

Great Idea Clarice & Chloe!That is so nice.

Happy First day of Fall to you too!! :)


I *love* this idea, Clarice! you are Chloe did a wonderful job of gathering and displaying your Autumn treasures!

The Vintage Kitten

Thats a fabulous idea. I love it!


What a fun idea! ThanX for the creative inspiration. Isn't this a beautiful first day of Fall? I just looove this time of year.


So cute!! I love Autumn in a box. How very clever.
Have a great week!


oh that is so clever...and you have also made a memory of doing this together..what could be better.


What a soulful idea and you can hang onto Autumn forever and ever.

Jill xoo


Great idea! love your box! Jean


Clarice and Chloe, I love the box, you did a beautiful job. Very charming and a great way to decorate for fall without spending a lot of money. By the way, Bloggedy blog blog what a hilarious name. Cracks me up.

Cathy Santarsiero

How pretty, Clarice! I love what you've chosen and the way you've put it all together.



What a lovely idea! I love your box, you both did a wonderful job at representing the season!


the pleasures of homemaking

That is just a beautiful idea! I really love it! I have an extra hat box I can use. I'll see if my daughter want to join in. I'll have to check out that blog. Can't wait to see the pumpkin!


Mrs Holter-Hovind

Glorious, glorious, and simply delightful. I shall simply have to make one too! What else are you working on, Clarice dear?

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