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I was lucky enough to win this charming little owl cushion from Marmee Cratf. Isn't it wonderful. You also must check out her regency bonnet  inspired from Sense and Sensibility. I think we all need to make one. Thank you Marjorie xoxox 


Oh this is serious love Coconut Bliss ice-cream. Those who can not have dairy, will really like this. I had the vanilla bean, akkk I want some more, right now.


The girls and I (even my hubby, but do not tell anyone) love Penelope. It is charming, has amazing clothes and set, wonderful message, nothing objectionable (and I am picky), very funny (Catherine O'Hara is soooooo funny) and a dreamy vacation for a couple of hours.


The new Calico Petals store. She has the sweetest yo-yo potholders and vintage ephemera kits. Of course her yummy soaps. Well done Miss.Jill xoxoxo


Thanks to the new Artful Blogger, I have found Tammy Ficher. She has a lovely blog, with some great tutorials. But I really loved her scrappy blossoms


 You know I am really not one for kitchen gadgets. I tend to keep it simple, I would rather take my money and buy chocolates. But I have to say I really love my dough whisk. It cuts right through dough and batter so smoothly and really mixing all ingredient. Chocolate and Zucchini  has an interesting post about the dough whisk .


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What fun treasures!! That owl pillow is adorable and I'm very interested in that dough whisk--I've never even heard of one of those. I have to admit I do love kitchen gadgets:)
Glad also to hear your comments on Penelope, I've been wanting to see that.

Pearl Maple

Clarice where do you find all these lovely treasures to share with us all? Got to agree with you Jill is one of the sweetest finds.

karla nathan

I've not seen Penelope yet, thanks for the tip, I wondered if it was good.


I will check out these always have good recommends...if you get a chance..I am having a giveaway...actually today is the last day..but you can go back and enter any of the other days too...

Elizabeth Quigley

Hi Clarice,
I have one of the dough whisk. I love it. I bought it from from King Arthur Flour.
I have both of Clothide's Book from Chocolate and Zucchini.They are wonderful. I am going to make a loaf of bread from it this next week.
Thanks for sharing.

Susan L

Yay, Clarice, your page and comments box actually loaded for me, finally (I've been having trouble with many blogs lately). I love Coconut Bliss ice cream, too! We've been eating the dark chocolate... with cacao nibs on top. Yum.

And I'm not going to risk trying to open the comment box to say that I love your birthday gifts! You are one lucky lady. :-)

Your blog is always so pretty.


ThanX for the recommendations ~ several of these are new to me. You always find the coolest things!


I love your dough whisk...I've never had one but it does look so wonderful. Dianntha

Gumbo Lily

O boy! Now I need a dough whisk. Looks like the kind of gadget I could really use and enjoy (and I'm a simple non-gadget girl too).

I will look for "Penelope" too. Thanks for the recommends!



I can see why these are your favorite things, Clarice! The pillow is beautiful!

Susan Drysdale

I just wanted to let you know I borrowed your picture of the mermaid. I have it as a metal sign for Mermaid Soap. It's hanging in my bathroom. Now that I've discovered your blog, I'll visit often. All the best to you, Susan


I so enjoyed the link to Marmee and I loved her idea for making a bonnet. Thank you for sharing her site, Clarice.
You always find wonderful ideas and links to share.
Whew! It was a pretty warm today! I hope you are doing well.


What eye candy! Thank you for sharing all those beautiful treasures. Off to click on links...


What a sweet surprise while visiting your blog to see my yo-yo's listed as a Clarice Favorite!
I better get to making more. I sold out on Saturday!

Thanks Clarice for the marketing promotion.

Jill xoo


What a fun list! I've been reading about this Penelope in blogland, but haven't heard about it yet in real life. Will have to check into it!


Thank You, Sweet Clarice, for sharing my wee owl cushion, and always being so kind! :)

Your favorite things are all yummy, indeed!!

Happy day to You! :)


You love many lovely things --- pure delight!

Coconut Bliss? Heavenly! And the dough whisk, most interesting!

Have a blessed week, Clarice!



Hi Clarice,
Thanks for sharing all of your favorite things.
Have a wonderful day!


I can certainly see why you love all these things as they're wonderful. I'm going to go exploring these sites, too. The new Artful Blogging issue is a treasure indeed and I'm loving my copy and discovering so many new creative people and their ideas.


Dearest Clarice,

The owl cushion is so sweet... I am so glad you won it! I enjoyed Marjorie's post so much and yes, we must make a hat!

Oh, I would love to try that coconut bliss ice cream, the vanilla bean sounds so good! Do you think it would melt if you shipped me some??? :)

I look forward to seeing Penelope!

Thank you for the wonderful links you shared, I will go take a look-see!

Love that dough wisk! I know you love it to forgo a little chocolate! Well, I am off to read about it.

Have a very lovely day!


Very cool finds! Love your new pillow. cherry


Thanks for sharing these great links! Artful Blogging looks like a treasure-trove of inspiration.

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