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Red-Wine Plum Jam

Red wine plum jam 3

Red wine plum jam 1

Red wine plum jam 2

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I can not tell you how much I love this jam, I think it may be my favorite. By the way, keep an eye on it while it is cooking. And do not talk on the phone, so it does not burn like my second batch did, aggggg.

There are some very good reasons to use red wine in this recipe. One is to help the jam not be so sweet. Since you need lots of sugar to make jam, jam can be very sweet and the red wine balances out the jam. Also it enhances the plums. This jam does not taste of red wine. It just has a deeper plummy flavor. I choose a zin because it is know for its spicy, berry notes. But any red wine would do. Just look for a red that is fruity and opposed to tanic or woody. If you are unsure ask the wine person for a fruity red, with berry notes. Having said all that, do not stress about the red. It is nice to know what is best but it will be fine with any red wine. Also any berries would be good with the red wine syrup.

Also I wanted to share were I get my cute faceted jars. I just love these for canning. What I do is run my jars through the dishwasher, when they are done and still very hot, I set them on a cookie-sheet and keep them in a oven set on low to keep them hot. I take the lids and set them on a pan of water, set on low setting. You do not want to boil them, just keep them hot. Fill a hot jar with hot jam and screw on hot lid. But do not screws totally tight, just till it is tight but not fully. So do you get it, keep everything hot, hot and my jam jars always can. Having said that, if my method does not work, I am not responsible and do not e-mail me

 ;-P Enjoy xoxoxo


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oh and I have major pan envy! wow!


I can't wait to try the jam! I am so excited to see more recipes here. I am always lurking around your archives for meal inspiration.I just love your bang for a buck creativity.
another broke foodie

Gumbo Lily

This sounds plum-yummy! I would like to try it myself. Have you ever added any spices to it? I wonder how that would taste? Love, love, love those jars. I must have some!!


Donna O.

Hmmmm....I always leave here hungry!!!


Wow! This jam looks really good and your pictures are so pretty!


Yum, plum! ThanX for the great tutorial. I've never tried plum preserves before. Do you think this recipe would work with other varieties? Sis has a tree of the dark, oblong kind (what I call prunes). Wondering if I could use those...?



My DH just brouhgt home a big sack of plums last week, so I will definitely try. I bet this would be delicious on a baked ham. Thank you for sharing the recipe!



This yummy recipe is a keeper! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Isn't it such a satisfying feeling to look at those beautiful jars of jam? They will be so pretty in your pantry, and I think the recipe sounds wonderful.

I really appreciate the link to the jars. Thank you.

Elizabeth Quigley

Hi Clarice,
This looks so yummy. so very pretty. Thank you for your encouragement on my healthy eating journey.

Cathy Santarsiero

I think a friend of mine uses her plum jam to make some sort of 'ribs' on the grill. I love the jars you used Clarice. So pretty. As usual! Have a happy weekend. Warmly, Cathy ^..^


Yum, Yum!
What a great day to make jam!

Jill xoo


Sounds yummy!
I don't like jam too sweet either!!
This sounds like a good one!
Love the jars!


I always get hungry when reading your blog as you share the most delicious food ideas. This is a wonderful recipe, thank you. And I appreciate your notes about the canning jars, although I admit I laughed at your last statement about not emailing you if it doesn't work. That cracked me up!

Terri Pollhein

Looks good Clarice!


Dear Clarice,

Your photo is so beautiful! I love the pretty jam jars you use. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

Have a lovely day!

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