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Let Us Remember

Tasha t day

   "Her Greatest Legacy was the enthusiasm for life"

                            Winslow Tudor

This is what Tasha's legacy is for me, what I strive for, what I have taught my girls. May we all have her enthusiasm for life a nd the bravery to persue it as Tasha did.

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful, enthusiastic :-) response to Tasha Tudor Day. It is obvious she is loved and will be missed. Also thank you Cay and Suzanne for your help with Tasha Tudor day. Please leave a comment at one of our blogs about your Tasha Tudor day,  I know we would all love to hear about it  xoxoxoxxo


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Oh I found you through Beansie! I have been a fan since I was very young. My mom made sure we had great books to love! I can't wait to see what everyone else does!!
Hugs, Lisa


I am a Tasha Tudor fan aswell and was quite saddened when I heard the news. I thought you might be interested in what I have found in regards to a public memorial by the Tudor family that was in a local newspaper of Southern Vermont:

The public is welcome to join friends and family of distinguished Vermont illustrator Tasha Tudor to celebrate her life.
Fans of the beloved artist, who was known for her trademark Welsh Corgi dogs and her mid-19th century lifestyle, are invited to say farewell at the public memorial service on Friday, Sept. 12, beginning at 6:45 p.m. at the Adams Family Farm in Wilmington.
The Adams family was close to the well-known illustrator for many years, so organizers say it was a natural fit to have the general public share their favorite Tasha memories at the family's farm.
"There wasn't a good way for them (Tasha's fans) to grief and remember and celebrate her life," said Natalie Wise, officer manager with the Tasha Tudor and Family Inc. "The family would like to welcome everyone to come and celebrate Tasha's life."
Participants will take a short walk to the pond where a brief ceremony will commence, with floating candles available for guests to release on the pond in the twilight. Wise said the floating candles are symbolic of one of Tudor's most beloved books, "Becky's Birthday," in which there is a floating cake and candles on the pond around sunset.
Following the ceremony, a bonfire on the farm will allow family and friends to reminisce about the longtime illustrator and Vermont icon.
"Tasha Tudor fans have posted over 2,000 messages of condolence on the Memorial Web site,

but now they'll have a chance to say farewell at a ceremony held outside in nature, as Tasha would have preferred," said her grandson Winslow Tudor in a press statement.
This will be the first public event since her death on June 18. While there is no charge to attend the ceremony, residents will have to reserve a spot ahead of time by calling 802-257-4444.
Following the memorial service on Friday, the Colonel Williams Inn in Marlboro is scheduled to host the 70th anniversary celebration of her first book, "Pumpkin Moonshine." Activities for the event are planned all day, beginning at 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Guests attending the celebration can make beeswax candles, meet the Sylvie Ann marionette, enjoy a Tudor-style lunch, make their own Pumpkin Moonshine -- albeit a needle-felted version -- to take home and enjoy some afternoon tea.
"It's sort of a typical day in Tasha Tudor's life from this time of year," said Wise.
Three rotating workshops will be run by volunteers, including Winslow, Marjorie and Amy Tudor. Tickets for the event are limited, residents interested in the workshop and celebration are asked to call the aforementioned number or visit www.tashatudormuseum.org.
Tudor's legacy runs deep in Windham County. Since moving to Marlboro in the early 1970s to be closer to her son Seth, she continued to write and illustrate children's books inspired by the gardens surrounding her 1830s replica homestead, and the rural Vermont setting in general.
"Your long and distinguished career as an artist and an illustrator has brought credit to our state. In addition, you were farming in a sustainable way and pursuing self-sufficiency for your family long before it became 'the Vermont way,'" said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., in a 2004 letter to Tudor.


I wish that I had visited here sooner so that I knew about Tasha Tudor day. Is she still alive? I surely hope so.
I discovered Tasha Tudor quite a few years ago and just fell in love with her. Of course I had read some of the children's books she wrote as a child but I did not know of the author then.
I saw her on tv once and was amazed by her. She was the sweetest and most interesting old lady I had ever seen! Ever since then I have strived to be more like her. I love that she stayed true to who she was and didn't conform to modern things. So beautiful. Well next year I plan to take part in Tasha Tudor day. Take care Clarice!

Miss Mari-Nanci

Clarice, I'm so worried about Cay and her family, in the path of this hurricane.

And since I'd never been to her blog before your Tasha Remembrance Day event, I don't even know specifically where she is located. For when watching weather/news reports. -sigh-

Please, if you hear anything, will you tell me? At warrrmmm at yahoo dot com.

Please and thank you.
Miss Mari-Nanci

'Smilnsigh' blog


Hi, What a lovely idea. I live in Ireland and have only recently discovered the delights of Tasha Tudor. I have some books about her and have been reading about her wonderful life. My children have also been redaing about her. I'm a bit late for Tasha Tudor day this year but hope to remember it next year.


so beautiful! what a lovely tribute Clarice!


Okay I must be the only person on the face of the earth that has never heard of Tasha Tudor. I feel stupid! I am asuming she is an author??? Would love it if someone could tell me who she is...maybe I will google her name and see what I can find out..
Blessings, Joann


Thanks for the wonderful idea to start Tasha Tudor Day. Love it. Also love your wonderful photographs lately! Fabulous! Love, Angie


If I had the time today I'd float a birthday cake down a stream. I'm sure Mrs. Tudor would have loved all these little celebrations.


I posted my first memory of Tasha Tudor on my site. Your remberance is lovely as well, it is always a pleasure to poke around your site.


I posted my memories of Mrs Tasha Tudor. Yours are lovely too, always a pleasure to poke around your site

Mrs. Happy Housewife

This was a wonderful idea. I also have a Tasha Tudor post today.


Thank you for the reminder!! I had tea with friends today, and the girls did a tea party for their dolls, so fun!! True Tasha Tudor style. You may see it at mayfarm.blogspot.com

Gumbo Lily

I've got all three parts of my tribute to Tasha Tudor complete now. What fun I had doing this and what a blessing Tasha has been in my life.


Thanks for the wonderful idea Clarice, Cay and Suzanne.



Come have a peek at my Tasha Tudor tribute.


Thank you so much Clarice! I have so enjoyed reading everyone's post. I have just posted my day!



Thank you, Clarice, for making today come to life for those of us who love Tasha Tudor! My post can be found on my blog at www.whitepinelane.com I look forward to reading everyone else's posts tonight! :-)


Hi Clarice, I have a tribute for Ms. Tudor too.

To all lovely ladies Do come & visit me..

Carrie - Oak Rise Cottage

I was just able to do my post about a tiny leather-bound book illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Here is the URL


Thanks to Clarice, Cay and Suzanne for the idea of Celebrating Tasha Tudor Day.
I am participating too.


This was a lovely idea and I'm enjoying reading everyone's posts. She really touched to so many people with the way she lived her life and her art.


Faith Girl

Come read my post that mentions Tasha Tudor!


We had a wonderful day remembering Tasha Tudor today! You can visit our day here.



You can see our Tasha Tea at my blog now :)

Tasha Tea

Terri Pollhein

I put a small tribute to Tasha on my blog today as well. What an inspiration she was! And is!

This was a nice idea Clarice. Thank you.

little jenny wren

Hi Clarice, thanks for hosting this lovely day. I have posted in pictures mainly because I was elbowed off the computer and didn't get back there again before bed time.


Hey! It's our favorite Tasha Tudor book; the one we check out from our local library for each birthday!! Love it.


so swee..
I wrote a little poem in honor of Miss Tasha.



How wonderful that you used Tasha's illustration of the birthday cakes floating down the stream!!! Thank you.
That is a special memory for me and I blogged about it at my blog

and at my quilting blog

Kate in NJ

Lovely, we're in too.
I won't have pics until later
today or tomorrow.


I'm in...with more to follow later!

Eli from England

Thanks Clarice. A great reponse to a great idea, Tasha T. would be thrilled for sure.


Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread

Thank you Clarice for hosting such a lovely tribute to Tasha Tudor. I've posted my contribution. It was a delightful time for me, looking back through my mother's book collection. ~~Kathy


Clarice, please stop by Gracious Hospitality so you can join in 'my part' of this happy celebration of Miss Tudor's life!



I put up part 1 of my tribute... a picture :) Our Tasha Tea will happen later, and I am updating via Twitter as I go :) This is FUN!


Hi Clarice,

My tribute is up. Thanks so much for hosting.


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I also blogged about Tasha Tudor's birthday. What an amazing woman. Her gardens and her illustrations are just glorious!

Jane Marie

I have just posted about Tasha Tudor. Thank you for hosting this. It was a great idea.


Thank you Clarice for such a wonderful idea. My daughter and I celebrated on Monday because she has school and work today. I've described our day on my blog, I hope you'll drop by.


I have left a small tribute to Tasha Tudor at my blog today. I have been a follower of her work and unique lifestyle for many years.



A very lovely tribute! I just posted mine too. Her life was an inspiration. Thanks for getting this idea in motion. I'm off to visit more tributes now...~Vicki


Thank you Clarice for hosting Tasha Tudor Day! I have posted my tribute and look forward to reading others today.


Hi Clarice...this is really lovely. Tasha Tudor has been such an influence in my life for years and the joy just continues.I love celebrating the holidays with friends and family, so I have always been drawn to Tasha's ideas for celebrating such special days. I'm spending the day finishing a scrapbook from my trip to her garden last summer.That trip was life changing for me.
Much love, Linda in OR

Mrs. Rabe

I posted today about Tasha in honor of her birthday.

This was a great idea.

Sherry Early

I've gathered all the links I can find for today's Semicolon Author Celebration of Tasha Tudor at www.semicolonblog.com

If I haven't linked to you please come by and contribute your link.

It looks as if we all had the same idea. What a wonderful celebration!

Sherry Early

I've gathered all the links I can find for today's Semicolon Author Celebration of Tasha Tudor at www.semicolonblog.com

If I haven't linked to you please come by and contribute your link.

It looks as if we all had the same idea. What a wonderful celebration!


This is such a lovely idea, Clarice, and a wonderful way to honor Tasha Tudor. I've posted about her today, too.


My post, humble though it be, is up at my Simply Thrift blog.


Thanks for doing this Clarice!


There is a tribute to Tasha Tudor at www.heartsdelights.blogspot.com
I had the honor of meeting her just as she was approaching her 90th birthday. What a treat.


Dear Clarice,

Thank you for hosting Tasha Tudor day. I have a tribute to her on my blog.

Your photo is just lovely!

Love, Paula


Thanks Clarice! I agree, she enjoyed her life up to the very end and even said she looked forward to dying...that it would be exciting! Such an inspiration!
Have shared some of my Tasha treasures here:


Cindy P

I wrote a lttle tribute on my blog.
It is just some memories of my childhood that involved early days of reading.


I have a little something going on at my place. A Mother's Journal. Please come by!

Thank you for hosting this.


Lady Laurie

Dear Clarice ~
I have a little tribute to Tasha on my blog ~

Cathy Santarsiero

Greetings Kindred Spirits! I'll be celebrating Tasha Tudor day today along with you. Stop by my blog this afternoon! Warmly,
Cathy ^..^


The link to my tribute is:


Such a lovely way to remember Tasha Tudor.



Thank you for doing this. I have posted my tribute, so please stop by. On the Tasha Tudor and family web site her grandson Winslow wrote a beautiful tribute called Tea Story. Karen

Marjorie/ MarmeeCraft

Oh, this is such a lovely thing you have done! :) Thank you so much!!

I am having a give-away/drawing ( I'm going to draw two names to receive a free Tasha Tudor portrait print that I did in honor of her birthday!)

Here is my little post:

I'm off to explore!!

Jamie in Rose Cottage

This is a great idea. My post is here:
"In the Garden..."



thank you Clarice...

MY Tasha Tudor post can be found at




Thank you Clarice, for doing this!

My Tasha Tudor entry can be found by going to http://smilnsigh.blogspot.com/2008/08/thank-you-tasha.html

Miss Mari-Nanci
'Smilnsigh' blog


Thank you Clarice, for doing this!

My Tasha Tudor entry can be found by going to http://smilnsigh.blogspot.com/2008/08/thank-you-tasha.html

Miss Mari-Nanci
'Smilnsigh' blog

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

I had never heard of Tasha Tudor until i read your blog and then went to visit others and then did a google search and found articles about this amazing lady and the notice in the paper about her death. I would love to see more of her books as she sounds so incredible, so my search will continue. See you have introduced someone new to this lady, good job, you should be proud! kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


Hello Clarice! I have put my tribute to Tasha Tudor on my blog today. It is such a wonderful way to remember her. I hope you and many other will stop in.

Hugs ~

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