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Hello everyone, 

I have heard from so many of you readers that on Tasha Tudor's birthday, you were going to celebrate what a special place she has in all our hearts. So  Cay, Suzanne and I thought it would be lovely if blog-land celebrated Tasha. Really I would love if the whole world would stop and remember her. This could simply be sitting in your garden with a cup of tea, reading her books, doing a sketch or just stopping and smell the roses. Let us all on Tasha Tudor's birthday remember her and all she has inspired us to live. If you want to post about Tasha Tudor day, feel free to use the image (but you do not have to). Just click on the image and save in your pictures. I also made a small version below for your sidebar. Even if you do not have a blog, please help spread the word  xoxoxox

T T day small


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Just found your blog from the Victoria forum! I will be back regularly. :-) I loved Tasha's message and will definitely plan to join in celebrating her life next year.

o l g a

Yes!!! Good idea! Too late for this year... but next year!

Teresa Young

I have absolutely loved Tasha Tudor for years. Me, my sister, and one very close girlfriend use to get together near Christmas to have tea and watch her Christmas video. She is my inspiration! And I want to be in her footsteps by living the life I have "dreamed of" also. I am so glad to see so many other people feel like do.


I totally planned to do this, but instead I've been caught up in preparations for evacuation ahead of Hurricane Gustav. Maybe I'll post in a few days!

Mrs. Rabe

I posted about Tasha Tudor today in honor of her birthday!

This was a fun and lovely idea.


Thanks for doing this! Tasha Tudor's was one of my favorites.


My name is Debi,what a wonderful idea. I love Tasha Tudor, she has been such an inspiration! It will be a true joy to honor her! Love your blog! Please stop by and visit me anytime.


Hi ,my name is Shelley! I don't think I have been to your blog before. I found you by way of "Little Jenny Wren". I to am a fan of Tasha Tudor,although I wasn't aware of her until a couple of years ago. She had the most beautiful life and shared it with so many...Please count me in on the celebration.

You have a very sweet blog....

Blessings, Shelley


This is a wonderful idea. Count me in. I am a huge fan of Tasha Tudor. I will certainly have tea and biscuits in my gardens on this special occasion. Thanks for posting.


This is my first visit to your blog and it's lovely. I'll come back often.

And I'm a Tasha Tudor fan too. We have just moved near a creek and I'm wondering if I could set a small birthday cake with lighted candles afloat as Tasha did for Becky's Birthday. Well, if I fail, I fail. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Oh what a wonderful idea, I have so many Tasha Tudor treasures to share. I would love to blog something on the 28th. Count me in. Karen


Hi, I came upon your lovely blog today and instantly knew I had to be part of and promote your Tasha Tudor Day! You can visit me at

Thanks for doing this! Susan A.K.A. Suzie Button :>)

karla nathan

thanks, I'd love to be a part of this!

Cindy P

I love Tasha Tudor. I am going to join in. :)


I've posted the link on the side bar of my blog. I'm not sure what I'll do to celebrate. I wish my daughter didn't have to work, so we could celebrate together. Maybe I'll make some tea cookies and have with a cup of tea.


I'll be participating! And I posted about the "event" on my blog at Various and Sunday. Very sweet idea. I love Tasha Tudor. She's such an inspiration - always will be.


Oh, I think I'll participate, too!


Oh I love this! I did a post about her being my heroine on my blog back in July. I will include your image which is just beautiful to my blog on her birthday. Thank you!

Hugs ~

hungarican Steph

Not a problem. I will carry it over to my blog.


Hello Clarice
This is my first visit here ~ what a lovely blog you have! I will definitely participate in Tasha Tudor Day.


What a grand idea! We'll be joining you for sure! I already posted a snippet on my blog to pass the word, along with encouraging others to come give your blog a visit... it's wonderful!


what a Lovely idea,indeed!

I did not know when her birthday was....and now I do, I think I shall always celebrate her beautiful life and what made her so special to all who enjoyed her work and lifestyle on that day!

She lived an enchanted life! I think I shall work on something to celebrate and remember her!!

ps..I added your lovely bloglette to my links! :) Thanks for always leaving me such kind words!


Thanks for telling us about honoring Tasha Tudor. I met her a few years ago and think so much of what she did in her life.

Gumbo Lily

Great idea, Clarice. I loved (and still love) Tasha Tudor and will definitely participate in celebrating her birthday with you. Thank you for organizing a special day.



Good idea. I'm joining.


What a great idea! I heard about it from Gillian's blog. I'll definitely be doing something Tasha related on my blog on the 28th.



How wonderful. I hope I can remember.


I'm putting one on my blog.

Thank you, this is beautiful.


It is such a wonderful idea! Tasha Tudor is one of my favourite artists who I have already paid tribute to at my blog, but I will be very happy to do so again on the 28th and will spread the word.


Jennifer Paganellli

great idea to keep her memory alive...thinking of you Jennifer

Debbie Schramer

Thank you for your comment on my blog!! I love your cute. I appreciate your post about Tasha Tudor. She was one of the most gentle, kind people in the world. Such a special lady who loved nature, children and animals. I hope you'll visit my blog ( and see more pictures of our beautiful Nature Art. More about our new movie "The Enchanted Treehouse" there, too!!

Thanks again,


Clarice, We'll be joining you on the 28th. Ms. Tudor has been one of my favorite children's authors for quite some time. I've posted about it on my blog.



What a great idea and a lovely thing to do to honor the wonderful Tasha Tudor. I'll join in and will post about it on Friday as well as do something for Aug. 28.


How lovely,we'll be joining in too!


What a lovely idea, Clarice!


I would like to celebrate too. I love Tasha as well.


That is such a nice idea!


It's a lovely idea Clarice. Tasha Tudor certainly inspired so many people in a great many wonderful ways. I'll have to put some thought to doing something special to honor her memory on August 28th.

Thank you.

Dee (

We'll be joining you!

Cheryl M.

My daughter and I will join you in this special celebration of Tasha Tudor! Not sure yet just what we'll do, but I'm putting my thinking cap on...:)

Chez Nous

Thank you so much for doing this. We will be joining you.


I'm doing it. I'm helping to spread the word. :-)

Miss Mari-Nanci
'Smilnsigh' blog


I'm doing it. I'm helping to spread the word. :-)

Miss Mari-Nanci
'Smilnsigh' blog


Thank you so much for doing this!!! I was in hopes that you would, and you did. Thank you much. Of course I'll spread the word. :-)

Miss Mari-Nanci
'Smilnsigh' blog

Cathy Santarsiero

Love the banner, Clarice! xo Cat ^..^


This is a great idea. I will definitely participate!



I'll be spreading the news.. this is fun!..



Lovely picture! And a beautiful idea!


Wonderful job on the image Clarice! I am in a tizzy, don't know what I will do first on that day. Perhaps bake a receipt from her cookbook, watch Take Joy, look through books--so many choices. But I do know I will set an extra place for her at teatime and wish she were here:-)


OOh thank you for the big picture, I'll go switch it over :) I've been telling people...

Elizabeth Quigley

Hi Clarice,
I am so excited. I just love her. I think on that day I will watch her videos I have. When I grow up I would love to be like her. :)


Dear Clarice,

I am so excited about Tasha Tudor day. You made a lovely image!!! I have always loved that picture of her.


Jan Richardson

What a good idea to open this up for everyone.Now if I can just figure out how to do it.

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