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Rosey cover

I have had a rosey week. It has been sunny, pleasant (not hot) and although I still really have not done to much cleaning, it has been a lovely. I saw this wonderful tutorial at LucyKate crafts, for making a strawberry jam cover. Well I have not made any strawberry jam this year but I have lots of rose syrup. So I a made a rose version. LucyKate also had a link to wonderful tutorial on making a felt rose. Mine turned out okay. I sewed my ribbon (variegated cotton yard)  a bit to close ot the edge.

Rosy cover

In keeping of my rosey spirit, I am hoping this week to make Rose Petal Macaroons. Althought these Rose Water Pistachio Macaroons (you can use the syrup instead of water) are really tempting too. Akkk choices, choices. Thank you for all your sweet comments, you have made my week the roseyest of all  xoxoxo

Rose cover


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Dee (www.Xanga.com/GraceatHome)

Oh if that isn't the most adorable thing ever! I love it, Clarice! You are so talented!


How elegant! What a lovely idea! I'm glad you have shared a bit of rosey goodness with us! Very inspiring!
~ Heather

wendy Purdy

yes, absolutely adorable, what a lovely weblog you have.


It's hotter than all get out here! I love your posy topper! How precious. I also love that old kitchen scale! Lovely!

Pearl Maple

How beautiful, thanks for sharing your crafting and creative secrets, all very inspiring.


oh that is so sweet...love the cover and will take a peek at the links...So when are you going to open a shop...even to LOCAL's....hmmmm???


I hope you don't stay lost for long. I am missing you!


Hi Clarice!
I love the cover for your Rose syrup,
it turned out adorable.
I have an award for you on my blog,please go have a look,thanks!


I'm loving your rose projects, Clarice, beautiful and quite lovely.

Some time back I posted about Rose Petal Projects, in case you're looking for more ideas. Here's the link: http://junie-moon.blogspot.com/2008/04/rose-petal-projects.html


I love this idea! You did a wonderful job. I can't wait to make one of these myself. :o)


Ohhhhhh I am so silly.... The comments go to the top, here. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry... Silly me!

Miss Mari-Nanci


Mmm... did that go? My comment? Mmmmm... Maybe I'm just confused. ,-)

Miss Mari-Nanci



That cover is just darling! Can I ask you what kind of felt you use? It looks nicer than the felt at a craft store such as Micheal's. Is it wool felt? If so, where do you get yours?

Your jar is cute, too. Is that a WECK jar?

Love your blog as usual. :O)

Jodi (the weather has been especialy lovely, hasn't it?)

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

That was one sweet post, Clarice. I love the idea of the macaroons...would you consider sharing those recipes? The little jam pot cozy was just one of those lovely little touches that I have come to expect from you. Have a wonderful week. Susan


That is Darling! Love it!
Sandra Evertson

Lady Laurie

Ah, a girl after my own rosey heart! Love the little jam pot cover ~ I have some dried herbs stored in little jars like that, a pretty cover would look so nice.


How charming!


That is one of those little things that makes me smile. That's probably my favorite part of your blog, is that eye you have for the small things. I just love your imagery, thanks for the smile.


Dearest Clarice,
I am so glad you are having a rosey week! You make everyday rosey for me! You are such a sweetie! Everything you do is so pretty! I love the rose syrup cover you made! It is so sweet and just lovely! You are so creative and I love your pretty photos too!

Both kinds of the Rose Macaroons sound delicious! I will have to try those! Thank you for the links you shared!

Have a sweet rosey week filled with blessings from the Lord!



Cathy Santarsiero



Either kind of macaroon sounds delish to me!



Hi Clarice,
Well thank you!!
I love that photo of the jam.
How pretty, and I'm sure it tastes wonderful.
Have a great week,


Lovely, Clarice, and how perfect for your jars of rose syrup!


Thank for the birthday wishes. I knew you were sweet and July birthdays explain more and more. Beautiful rose cap for your syrup!

Sher's Creative Expressions

Your little rose is adorable!!




The jam cover is so cute - what a great felting idea too. The rose petal macaroons sound just heavenly. Hope you get to make them.


Ok, that is just as cute as a button! (great piX too)

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads

Very cute! I have enjoyed learning about making the flower syrups. I never knew you could!


Your jam cover is precious!


Gorgeous photo Clarice!

I am always jealous of those of who can really think up interesting compositions for your photos!


Pretty Rosy Jar!
I'm glad you're having good weather, and enjoying your "Story Book Woods".




That is too cute! Now I'm going to have to make one! :0)


Too sweet, Clarice! I can see this being used for storage of other things, too, especially with the topper a little looser like yours is so that it could be slipped on and off easily.


Lovely photograph and a great idea. I always enjoy your blog.

It's good to step back sometimes and enjoy life instead of always thinking about how to document it. That's my tendency in blogging. On the other hand, it's also sharing life with friends I haven't yet met. Like you!




That is so cute...



That jam cover is absolutely adorable! :-)

Gumbo Lily

Clarice, this is SO sweet! What a lovely gift this would make. Thank you for sharing the ideas and the tutorials.

Have a Rosey Day!

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