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I have been asked by a few readers about the mermaid. I bought this small picture at a little store. All she did was copy an old card, glue it onto a wooden plaque, drill a hole on the side of the top corners and run ribbon through it. I love her and scanned her  (also removed the holes) for you. Just click on the photo and save. Enjoy xoxoxoxox


PS. I have found out from the lovely Junie Moon, that the illustration is called "The Little Siren" and is by someone named Hardy. We do not have a clue if this is the persons first or last name. But hopefully this helps a little. If you find out more, please let me know. Thank you and thank you June  !!!!


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Mrs Holter-Hovind

Dear Clarice, Your "Little Siren" has an honoured place on my Summertime tabletop display. I popped her into an oval frame and she is just adorable. Thank you. Gill.


Thank you very much! That is a beautiful illustration, my little mermaids will love it!


Thank you ever so.


Thank you so much for sharing her, Clarice! She is just beautiful!


She's just adorable and you are very kind to post her for us.



Gorgeous, Clarice.


She's a sweet mermaid, Clarice. The only thing I can find about this print is that it's an illustration called "The Little Siren" by Hardy. I've no clue as to this Hardy's first name even though I've tried all sorts of search permutations for this print on the Internet. Anyway, she's delightful.


Dear Clarice,
Thank you for sharing your lovely mermaid! You are a sweetie!!!

Dede Warren

How sweet are you to share, there are so many who love these sweet little mermaids. Thanks chicka!


Oh, she is so sweet. Thanks for sharing're even sweeter! hug!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted


What a beautful piece of artwork. Look at her face - she's miles away. Very tranquil and sweet.


Thank you so much, Clarice! She is just lovely.


She is so sweet Clarice.
Thanks so much!


She's very beautiful, Clarice. ThanX so much for the lovely gift.


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