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Lavender and Roses

Rose cocktail

My dear, sweet Aubern'e surprised me for my birthday with two very yummy drinks. First was a lavender ice-cream float. Which I have to say was pretty brilliant. The fragrant lavender paired with the creamy vanilla ice cream was perfect. Second she made me a non-alcoholic rose cocktail. It was so beautiful (above) I did not want to drink it, but I did of-course. Thank you sweetheart. You are becoming quite the cook  xoxoxo

Lavender Ice Cream Float

since I know a lot of you can not get dry soda, I am giving you a recipe to make a lavender syrup, which with bubble water you can use instead.

1 bottle of lavender dry soda

or lavender syrup * and bubble water

vanilla ice cream

In a glass put three scoops of ice cream and pour soda or syrup/bubble water over ice cream.

* To make lavender syrup. In a sauce pan put 1 cup sugar, 1 cup of water and 3 long stems of fresh lavender or 3 TBL. of unsprayed, fresh or dried lavender buds. Cover pan and simmer over medium heat for 5 minutes. Set aside with lid left on for a 1/2 hour. Then strain syrup and refrigerate. Last at lest 2 weeks.


No-alcoholic Rose Cocktail

bubble water

rose syrup


Fill cocktail shaker with ice. Add 1/2 cup bubble water, 1 tsp. grenadine, 1 TBL. rose syrup and shake. Taste and adjust to your liking. Rim glass in pink sanding sugar, pour and garnish with fresh, unsprayed rose petals.


Birthday Goodies


One of the reasons I have not been around much, is it was my birthday. It was quite a week and would be a very long post if I shared everything. But here is a whirlwind list of my week. Beach combing, marmalade cake, cameo milk-glass plate/wall hanging ???, Christmas House Goodies, Cherve, roasted garlic, pine-nut pizza, chocolate tin (above), rose' wine with fresh peaches, Indian food, vintage tablecloths, Chocolate and Zucchini cookbook, vintage pink doll box (Thank you Linda xoxox) yummy breakfast in bed, Cranford DVD, unbelievably good grilled chicken kabobs with feta cheese dip, cameo salad bowl and so much more. It was quite a blessed birthday.


Aubern'e made me the sweetest little altered book from cards. She also surprised me with two drinks, which I will share soon. Chloe made me a beautiful fairy and a pink duck-tape wallet. You, girls are so creative and I love you more then words can say xoxoxox




Cameo bowl



I have been asked by a few readers about the mermaid. I bought this small picture at a little store. All she did was copy an old card, glue it onto a wooden plaque, drill a hole on the side of the top corners and run ribbon through it. I love her and scanned her  (also removed the holes) for you. Just click on the photo and save. Enjoy xoxoxoxox


PS. I have found out from the lovely Junie Moon, that the illustration is called "The Little Siren" and is by someone named Hardy. We do not have a clue if this is the persons first or last name. But hopefully this helps a little. If you find out more, please let me know. Thank you and thank you June  !!!!

Please Your Palate


I have been mean to write about this for a while. You know there is a reason why, when I post  a recipe, I talk so much about it. Well there is a reason, besides the fact that I love to talk about food. I talk so much about the recipes to get you thinking about it. I am hoping by seeing what I am thinking it will get you thinking. Thinking about all the components, about how they go together, about how they should taste, about what is it you are trying to create. Not just adhere to the recipe because it say so. I have found over the years of talking to people about cooking, they tend to just follow a recipe but do not really understand what it is they are trying to create. How it is suppose to taste and more importantly, if they will like it. This is one of reasons, people will say "oh that is a bad recipe" or  "I do not like that". Sometimes that is true but sometimes they just do not understand the ingredient and their palate.

I do not know if I have mentioned this, but before I was married I worked at a winery.  I was so interested in wine because the type of wine you drink can affect the taste of what you eat. It can add amazing dimension to you dish or totally ruin it. But I learned some really important things working at the winery. We all tastes thing different. When you work at a winery you are pouring the same 8 or so wines over and over again. You spend your day with others taking the tastes and smells of the wines apart (which I have to say is a pretty wonderful way to spend your day). I could have one person complain the Pinot Grigio was to sweet, the next say it is to grassy, then next too dry, ect. Some people can really taste all the details and some can barely taste them.

But why I am sharing all this with you? It is an important message a sweet little old lady taught me. She was one of the investors of the winery and I remember the first time she came to taste. She came up and asked me to pour her a glass of half Pinot Grigio and half Riesling. I was shocked. Nobody mixes their wines, especially when you go to a winery and tasting someones handiwork. She saw my shocked expression (I am sure she was use to it). She giggled and reached for my hand. "Sweetie" she says "the Pinot Grigio is to dry and the Riesling is to sweet. But together they are heaven"

She taught me two really important lessons. One, to not worry about what others think. I would see her at tastings, vintner dinners, ect. She let no one intimidate her. Now I have to say she was always open to try something new. She was not closed. She tried things and love it or made it so she loved it. She pleased her palate and this was the other lesson she taught me. Feel confident about what you like but also do not be so closed you will never try something new. Hold you likes firmly but with a soft grip.

So please take all my little notes about food as a way to learn, a way to think about the ingredient but do not hold them as gospel. Find what you like xoxoxoxox

PS. I wanted to thank My Big Mouth for my Brillante Weblog Award. It is very sweet of you !!!!


Rosey cover

I have had a rosey week. It has been sunny, pleasant (not hot) and although I still really have not done to much cleaning, it has been a lovely. I saw this wonderful tutorial at LucyKate crafts, for making a strawberry jam cover. Well I have not made any strawberry jam this year but I have lots of rose syrup. So I a made a rose version. LucyKate also had a link to wonderful tutorial on making a felt rose. Mine turned out okay. I sewed my ribbon (variegated cotton yard)  a bit to close ot the edge.

Rosy cover

In keeping of my rosey spirit, I am hoping this week to make Rose Petal Macaroons. Althought these Rose Water Pistachio Macaroons (you can use the syrup instead of water) are really tempting too. Akkk choices, choices. Thank you for all your sweet comments, you have made my week the roseyest of all  xoxoxo

Rose cover

I'm Lost


I wanted to let you know for a little bit I will be posting less. It is not that I do not know what to post, quit the contrary. I have lots of fun ideas floating around in my head and that is the problem. All I think about is the blog, post to write, all you sweet readers. As I am sure you can already see, I am an all or nothing, black or white, love it or hate it girl. I really put my heart into this blog. Which hopefully make for interesting read (I will keep my fingers crossed ). But sometimes one just need to back off a bit. I need to focus on things like cleaning my house, hanging out with my lovely girls, reading a book, etc. Although all this family time will probably provide lots of fodder for the blog and I will be obsessing about all the posts I want to write. But I digress ;-)  I try to be really consistent in my posting because I think it make it more enjoyable for you readers. So that is why I wanted to let you know I will be posting once or twice a week (if I do not go crazy not posting, that is) for at lest a month or so. I will still be around but just not as much.  


Also I have been meaning to mention, I will not be in the Artful Blogger magazine. But instead I will be featured in Somerset Life magazine. At this point (unless something changes) I will be in the fall issue. I am quite excited. I think Somerset Life is a good fit for my blog. Thank you for letting me share xoxoxo

Postmark LA


Oh I have the yummiest book to share with all of you. The other day I  received my copy of Postmark: LA by Teresa Mcfayden, Charlotte Lyons, Rebecca Sower, Pam Garrison, Carolyn Peeler and Amy Hanna. These are all amazedly, creative ladies, so it is no shock that their book is the same. There are so many wonderful and inspiring ideas. So much I am having a hard time choosing which project I want to do first (although I think I now know). What I loved most about this book was all the small details. They put a lot into this book, I can tell. It is the type of book that every time I look at it, I will see a new inspiration. I do not know about you, but that is what I look for in creative book. One that keeps giving and giving. You can see a preview of the book at Lulu (link above). Thank you so much ladies for all the inspiration xoxox

Happy 4th

Flag 4th

A Happy 4th wishes, full of watermelon, sparklers, pride and ice cream kisses. For those of you who do not live in the USA, well I just wish the same thing for you xoxox

PS. My flag is inspired by brilliant Amy's flag. By the way if you have not checked out  Inspiredideas, you must run over there right NOW. So much eye candy, inspiring ideas and plenty to keep that creative mind going. Thank you Amy, you are cream de la cream  !!!!

Fabric Pom-Pom


I saw the fabric pom-pom tutorial on Molly Chicken and had to make one. They are soooo darn cute. I have to say that Molly uses the leftover edges of fabric, which is a wonderful use. But I did not have that, so I just cut edges off all my different fabrics with a rotary cutter. It was very easy. You do not have to cut straight pieces. Actually I think the wobbly the better, which I good for me ; -)