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I wanted to let you know for a little bit I will be posting less. It is not that I do not know what to post, quit the contrary. I have lots of fun ideas floating around in my head and that is the problem. All I think about is the blog, post to write, all you sweet readers. As I am sure you can already see, I am an all or nothing, black or white, love it or hate it girl. I really put my heart into this blog. Which hopefully make for interesting read (I will keep my fingers crossed ). But sometimes one just need to back off a bit. I need to focus on things like cleaning my house, hanging out with my lovely girls, reading a book, etc. Although all this family time will probably provide lots of fodder for the blog and I will be obsessing about all the posts I want to write. But I digress ;-)  I try to be really consistent in my posting because I think it make it more enjoyable for you readers. So that is why I wanted to let you know I will be posting once or twice a week (if I do not go crazy not posting, that is) for at lest a month or so. I will still be around but just not as much.  


Also I have been meaning to mention, I will not be in the Artful Blogger magazine. But instead I will be featured in Somerset Life magazine. At this point (unless something changes) I will be in the fall issue. I am quite excited. I think Somerset Life is a good fit for my blog. Thank you for letting me share xoxoxo


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karla  nathan

I look forward to seeing the article!


I think a lot of people will sympathize with your decision to post a bit less - blogs do tend to take over your life if you aren't careful. I haven't come across Somerset Life - I shall have to take a look at the link.


Oh! I LOVE Somerset Life. I'm cutting back on my Stampington purchases, but not THAT one. I'm already anticipating the next one.

Enjoy your family.


Congrats Clarice,
I love Somerset Life!
That is so great!!
I know what you mean, I haven't had as much time to blog lately, and I always feel guilty for not visiting blogs.
Silly I know.
Enjoy your time whatever you are doing.

Lady Laurie

Ah yes Clarice, I know just what you mean. Sometimes one needs to just back off of blogging for a bit!!
Hope you are having a lovely summer!


I completely understand, Clarice. I have been thinking/feeling the same thing for myself lately.


Clarice, congratulations, I can't wait to read about it when the issue comes out. Enjoy your Blogvacation, I totally know what you mean, it can become "all"!
xo Lidy


Congratulations Clarice! I love Somerset Life..
It has become one of my favorite magazines…
I picked up the spring copy and loved it so much I had to
order the back issues as well as preorder the summer issue..
I will see you in fall...cannot wait.

Enjoy your family time..



Have a wonderful summer blog-break to spend with your family. I am doing the same, but like you, have a hard time not posting a bit of this or that of the happening about Sea Cottage. Today though I actually spent the evening scrapbooking instead of posting...tomorrow I will try to watercolor paint...something I've been wanting to do for a long long time!

BTW- the greenery outside your cottage windows is amazingly beautiful.


Dear Clarice,

Your flowers are so pretty! Enjoy your break! Yes, you deserved every kind word!!! Oh my, we would have such fun if we were neighbors!!!

I am so excited about you being in Somerset magazine!!! I am so blessed by you and your beautiful blog!

Have a lovely evening!


Congratulations Clarice; another one of my blogger friends getting noticed! My trip is on hold at the moment because of my FIL's health. We are hoping to make a final decision this weekend, but it doesn't look favorable right now. I will keep you in the loop, so if you are cleaning for me Do.Not. Bother.



oh my goodness..I KNOW the phenomenon (spelling) all to well being a all or nothing girl is hard...I have thought of many ways of control this all...maybe blog certain days, only ____ amount of time on the puter....etc...but my mind keeps going..was in a local town coupel a weeks ago and thought, blogger so and so lives here..duh???? (not your town)
Right now I am trying to put into practice Matt. 6:33 to help me, I sure need practice on priorities that is for sure.
We will all be here..
Remember it is YOUR BLOG, you do it for free and do the best you can....
Life goes on..

Gumbo Lily

Enjoy your time with your sweet girls and Hubby and know that we'll be here ready to read when the mood strikes.



Congratulations on your upcoming Somerset mag! I'm very new to blogging and I am already feeling what you're talking about! I'm loving it, but I'm getting obsessed! I need to work on my time better.
Be a sweetie and enjoy your 'off' time.
Shelia ;)


So eXcited for your upcoming feature in Somerset Life! Now that I've seen an issue, I wholeheartedly agree it's an eXcellent fit for your beautiful blog. Finding balance is a challenge for me as well. Kudos to you for pacing yourself. No doubt your faithful readers will be here, grateful for whatever bits you can post, as time allows. I know I will!

Hugs, XXX's & ooo's



We all can relate to exactly what your saying.
I'm glad you are in tune with your psyche.

Congratulations on your feature in Somerset.
Another thing to look forward to for Autumn.
I'll be yearning for Fall late August early September, always do!

Hugs and kisses to you and the girls, and enjoy the break.

Jill xoo


How wonderful that you'll be in Somerset Life. I will keep a lookout for that issue.

I totally understand about blogging and family life. Do whatever you need to do; we'll still be here loving you. I have to catch up on all your posts since I've been gone for two weeks and that will make for some fun time for me as you always have interesting things to share.


I've tried posting almost everyday and it sort of takes over, which didn't work for me. My kids missed
Congrats on the magazine. Can't wait to see what idea you bring to it's pages. I'm sure it will be stunning.

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Clarice, sometimes we need to clear our heads a little to let the inspiration out (if that makes any sense). I completely understand, and have taken to posting only once or twice a week as well. Enjoy your family time, and rejuvenate a little. Susan


Congratulations on being featured in a magazine, Clarice! Your blog is so beautiful. I want you to know that it really shows, the way you put your whole heart into it. You do what you have to do. I'm always happy to see that there is a new post here but it is important to keep your life balanced.

Sher's Creative Expressions

I hear ya and I understand. I'm blogging less during the summer myself. Too much to do!!




hey Clarice-- enjoy summer and take it easy. It's too hard to sit in front to the computer when the garden calls....enjoy your break.


Oh, have a wonderful time with your family. And you know...I think once or twice a week is just great. I don't understand why some think blogging daily is necessary. You don't talk to your best friend daily do you? Well, maybe, but I don't and even if a few days go by, I'm still more than interested in her life! Besides, how would we all keep up if everyone blogged every day???

Susan P.

Believe me Clarice, I have struggled with the same thing. Balance is always a hard thing, especially when you want to put your whole heart into everything you do. I pray that this time of "stepping back" a bit will bring your heart peace and be a blessing to you and your family. Love and big hugs, Susan P.


I completely understand--especially about being an all or nothing kind of girl! Enjoy this beautiful summer with your girls and hubby. But then get back to it, woman! : )


Yes, do take some time to cut back on your blogging, since you feel it's best. I always like to go with what is called "our gut feeling." Not a pretty term but it 'says it.' When we stop and ponder, we usually can 'feel' the answer, inside... so to speak.

And I do believe in heeding that little voice inside of me. After all, who knows what's best for me, better than "me"?

Best of luck with achieving the balance you seek.

Many hugs,
'Smilnsigh' blog


I have definitely had to take time off now and then. Sometimes just to rest my brain, other times to clean my house! :)

I've found I have to keep a running list of ideas to blog about during this time on a piece of paper (or in my scrapbook journal) or I'll be lured back to the keyboard.

LOVE your blog.


Hi Clarice, I LOVE the Somerset magazines and I totally agree that it's a very good fit for your blog. I can't wait to see it!

LOL Yes, blogging can become a bit of an obesession! It's good to recognize when there's an imbalance and to be able to step a way.



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