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Happy 4th

Fabric Pom-Pom


I saw the fabric pom-pom tutorial on Molly Chicken and had to make one. They are soooo darn cute. I have to say that Molly uses the leftover edges of fabric, which is a wonderful use. But I did not have that, so I just cut edges off all my different fabrics with a rotary cutter. It was very easy. You do not have to cut straight pieces. Actually I think the wobbly the better, which I good for me ; -)



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How cute!! I may try to make one of these!!


Oh is that cute or what...want to make one for a keyring...it sure would be easy to find in my purse...
Thank you for the link


I love it! I like wobbly too.


I like the pom-poms, and what a cute idea for Christmas ornaments, maybe velvet pom-poms.

Thanks Clarice and Molly Chicken for sharing the creative craft.

Jill xoo



That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. Where are my scissors? Oh yeah, I should probably read the tutorial, huh?



How pretty, Clarice!

I sometimes wonder if all the 'crafty' bloggers out there in blog-land have created some kind of collective consciousness, since I've often found myself thinking about some project or other only to find later that someone has already blogged about it, or at least something very similar LOL I was looking at some pompoms only the other day and found myself thinking that they didn't have to be made from yarn, they could be made from all sorts of stuff so long as it could be threaded round the pompom-maker ~ I'm thinking of having a try with string.....


Pom-Poms are one of my favorite trims. These are even better than the little fluffy yarn ones.

Cathy Santarsiero

Really cute, Clarice. It almost looks like a poofy carnation. Oh the possibilities! Have a happy 4th. Cat ^..^


This is Gorgeous!
Sandra Evertson


Very cute! I've made some abit like this and I have them attached with a rubber band to the neck/base of a lavender hand lotion bottle. It's so cheerful! I've also seen flip-flops (in a magazine) decorated with similar scrappies of fabric. Just attach to the straps until they are completely covered with scraps. It makes a pretty, fluffy effect (somewhat like the fancy yarns used for flip flops). I think your girls would look really cute in them!


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