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Watermelon in Rose Syrup

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Akk, it is actually hot, I had to put  my polar fleece away. It will probably only last a week and then I be pulling them right back out !!! But I am having diXymiss and her lovely girls over today for tea. We have meet but she has never been to my house. I am so excited (I wish you were all coming). Tea (we will have iced) though in this heat is not easy. I think  watermelon with rose syrup sounds divine, refreshing, summery, pink, perfect. It is sooooo easy to make. Nobody want to be working to hard when it is hot. As far as what else I am serving, I am still deciding. We will see what I pull out of a hat this morning. Remember I am keeping a list of recipes using the rose syrup on the left side of my blog. I have plenty more recipe to share. Stay cool and enjoy

PS. Make sure you check out Gracious Hospitality's recipe for rice pudding in flower water with coconut cream. It does not use the rose syrup, but rather cook the rice in flower water. It is very interesting and I add it to my rose recipe. Thank you Miss. La Tea Dah xoxoxo


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Ooooh, thanks for posting this recipe. I have some watermelon and some rose syrup that I've never tried and this sounds yummy!


Sounds like such fun!! Wish I could come to tea!!
Have a great day!

Cathy Santarsiero

I've never tried making anything with rose syrup. You may just inspire me to try...
Have a lovely week, Clarice and a Happy 4th! Cat ^..^


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your gracious hospitality! The watermelon with rose syrup was delicious, as was the entire gourmet luncheon ~ so yummy and refreshing on a hot summer day! It was such a treat to see your charming home and treasures "in real life" after catching glimpses featured here. The piXies and I had the BEST time ever!!! Hope we can connect again soon.



How delightfully rosy!
I hope the two of you enjoyed a wonderful afternoon.

Jill xoo


You're welcome, Clarice. I'm here this morning to browse your roses recipes because I'm making Yellow Violets Syrup today (or maybe jelly, I haven't quite decided). And when I arrive I see you are making watermelon roses syrup. Yummy! Now, I'm off to your roses recipes for ideas. I'm thinking this week would be a good week to make some lavender syrup as well.

I'm eager to hear about your visit with a friend!


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