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I am not a car person. I really do not care about them, except I adore my heated seat. But now if I had Magnolia Pearl's car, oh this is a car I could love.

Image from Curious Sofa


Signature Creator, Thank you Cassie for the link.


This BBC Woman's Hour, Dales Woman Hannah Hauxwell


 Oh my gosh I LOVE this gathering apron, at The Cottage At Frog Creek. Actually I love the blog too.

Puttery post at Broncante Home 


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I love the gathering apron. Not being a vegetable gardener, I wish I had something to gather in it!


Oh....I love this car and I would drive it all over....what a sight and the looks...maybe it is time to paint or decoupage our cars. My husband would NOT be happy....LOL


What a wonderful car...

that would be a lot of fun...
When we were first married, our car was orange ...people would find us no matter where we went.....

I also enjoyed reading about your Tasha T. day... what a wonderful thing to do...



I think I'd need a little step stool to get into that car, but it would be well worth it! I love that apron too!! Except, my belly is so big, it would be a disaster on me! hehe.


Hi Clarice!
You find the *most fun* links of anyone.......
My Nana used buttons attached to the waistband to gather her long apron up. Everything carried in there; eggs from the chicken hutch, onions and carrots from the garden and Sweet William for her breakfast table. Such wonderful memories for me now. :o)



I don't care about cars either, except I wish they made self-cleaning one.

I made a signature, amazing how our personalities come thru as we chose fonts, sizes colors etc. I must be a very traditional person ( I tried to go a bit outside my comfort zone, but not much) but it is stuck in the middle of my page.



I don't have the least interest in cars. All I care is that they run when I want them to, but if I had that car I'd really feel special! And my teenagers would disown me, but they already do that anyway. Love that car!

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