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I just had to pop in and say how sad I am that Tasha Tudor has died. I should not be sad. She has had a long, happy life. A life on her terms, the way she dreamed it should be. It just sort of seems like the end of an era. I have been soo influenced by Tasha Tudor. Not so much in how she lived. Although I greatly admire how she lived and try to live the simple life she did. But what I really admire about Tasha Tudor is how she decided what she wanted and did it. She was willing to work hard, to stay focused on her dreams and I am sure at times had to deal with those that did not understand. But she listened to her heart and would not be persuaded otherwise. I hope I can be half as brave as Tasha. I think I will go take a moment under my bay tree ( that I growing to match Tasha's) and try to remember and embrace what she has  taught  all of us  xoxox


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Oh, I had no idea she had passed away. I am sad for her family and friends, and for those of us who loved and admired Tasha and her work, but as you say, she lived her life the way she wanted and made the most of every day that was given to her.....something that perhaps we can all try to aspire to.....


So sad to hear of her death. I am almost finished with the beautiful shawl which Storybook Woods posted about a year ago. It is like knitting with toothpicks, but will be wonderful when finished. As I wear the shawl made from yarn I purchased in the UK, I will keep warm with remembering it was Tasha's pattern, and cozy because the pattern came from one of my favorite blogs...Storybook Woods. Thank you.


I didn't know her but will look her up tonight. Sounds like a beautiful lady who left a lot for us all. Thanks for her tribute and sharing her energy with us all!

Terri Pollhein

Oh! I have wanted to grow a bay tree like Tasha did too! I can't find a slip to root, though! How large is yours? It must be doing well if you can sit under it.


Wow what a touching tribute. I remember the first time I began to love her- I was 9 years old and borrowed one of her books from our chursh library. Maybe because we had the same name, I have been drawn to her ever since. Thanks for sharing this!!


Pumpkin Moonshine! Tasha's first book! I have a re-print of it, but that looks like an original. Her illustrations were very different in the beginning, I like seeing how her art evolved.

This was a sweet post to a grand lady. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inviting me over! xox


Thank you for reminding us to be ourselves even when others think we are wrong! Dianntha

Donna O.

I know she will be missed. Touching post, Clarice.


We are so sad over here, she has profoundly impacted and lead us to many wonderful life choices........happy fishing!


I think there are a lot of people who were incredibly impacted by her and her work. It's those people (like yourself) that can carry on those amazing things that she brought to us. I loved her stories when I was a child, I think I need to get some books of her for my girls. My middle daughter is especially drawn to her style.

Cathy Santarsiero ^..^

We will miss her too, Clarice. It seems odd now to refer to our beloved Tasha in the past tense. Lovely pumpkin moonshine pic. -CS ^..^


I too was very sad when I found out Tasha Tudor was gone. The first book my oldest daughter ever read aloud was "A is for Annabelle". I'm so happy to see that you have paid tribute to Tasha here on your blog.


I've never heard of Tasha Tudor but now I'm going over to Amazon to read more about her. We all have these wonderful people who inspire us so much because of how they in turn lived their lives. What a beautiful gift and memory.


What a lovely post, Clarice. Tasha will be missed by many.


So sad!



I am truly sorry to hear that this wonderful woman has died; I didn't know about this. I have a collection of the old Victoria magazines and there are articles about her in them that I quite enjoy. There are some people in the world who live the lives they want to live and are true to themselves. Tasha Tudor is one of those people. My heart is heavy with this news but, like you, I am so happy for her that her life was full of the things she loved to do.


I have several of her books. I love how she gave her children such a magical childhood.


Are you the Elf From Murkwood Forest???? Oh please come over and tell me you are. Please and thank you.

See, I don't revisit comments in other's blogs, to read replies to queries made there. So I feel, maybe others don't, either. {Truthfully, I have enough trouble visiting once, in all the lovely blogs I want to! I couldn't go back twice. -smile-}

So I answer, in the questioner's blog. And hope you will too. When you get the chance.

So if you are The Elf From Murkwood Forest, I'd be so happy to make your acquaintance. I never pass up, making the friendship of an Elf! :-) And so near to Midsummer Night's Eve tooooo! How magical. :-)

'Smilnsigh' blog


Sorry to learn this. The world did lose a wonderful person.

But I'm not sorry for her, because she lived an amazing life. And she lived it, totally as she wished to live it. How wonderful is that? How many people get to live such a life? Not many. Not many.

And she sounded as if she would be ready to go, when her time came. She often said that when that time came, she was going right back to the 1830's where she felt she had lived before, and felt she belonged. I hope this is possible for her.

I'm sure she rests in peace. Might we all live such a full and self-directed life!

I will always love you Tasha...

'Smilnsigh' blog


I had not yet heard she had died. She did live an amazing and rich life! She will live on for years to come in through her books...Someday I would love to visit her homestead!


Hello Clarice~Did you know the family has a Memory Book for leaving your personal reflections?
She was a gift to our wonderful world and we *all* are richer because of her skills and her willingness to share those treasures with us.

Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

I had not heard that she passed away. I have only recently been introduced to her gorgeous books. Enjoy your blogging break. I think I should take one too!


Oh, how very sad. Thank you for posting this, I didn't know.

Gumbo Lily

"A Time to Keep" is one of my all-time favorite books by Tasha. She will be missed, but she left us a wonderful bevvy of books and things to cherish and pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Thank you Tasha!
Pumpkin Moonshines forever!


It seems like the end of something very special. It had to happen some time but I'm sad to hear it. She knew what she wanted and what she didn't want and her life became something very special to other people. That's quite a tribute.



I didn't know she had died. She certainly did live her life on her terms and I am sure that she had a happy and fulfilling life in the countryside of Vermont.


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