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Ruhbarb Rose Rice Pudding


It is rose syrup time of year. I love things like rose syrup because they are simple way to add a special touch to your dishes without a lot of work or cost. There is something about rose syrup that makes me feel pampered. When I have days were I feel down, neglected, not pretty, empty, a bowl of fresh fruit with some rose syrup drizzled over it seem to make me feel better. Like a new pair of maryjanes or pretty new sheets.

In case you have missed it, I keep a list on the left side of the blog with rose recipes. I have been collecting more over the winter and will be sharing them over the next few weeks. If you have any recipes to share, please let me know and I will link them. This week enjoy Rhubarb Rose Rice Pudding xoxoxox 



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Hi Clarice,

Well, it's done (the rose water sat in my fridge for a few days). And it tastes wonderful! (I tried a little on my finger) Thanks for the inspiration.

(I linked my post about this back to you.)



Oh my, Clarice, such a lovely blog you have here. And such lovely recipes. I'm so happy I found you, yesterday.

'Smilnisigh' blog


Any recipe that calls for roses is alright with me. I've never tried rhubarb before, don't know how I've missed that but I have. This recipe sounds delicious; thank you!


This does indeed sound lovely, and like it is the perfect companion to rhubarb.

I think I better stock up on rose syrup!

Thank you Clarice.



Your recipes are always delightful and different.
I thought about you the other day when I purchased some rose water.
I am very interested in all of the rose recipes.

Thanks for sharing.

Jill xoo


Lovely Clarice
It is all so lovely! Lovely post, lovely pictures = lovely blog!
I know it's late but congratulations on your 500th post.
Love to you,


OH I love anything roses so I bet that Rice Pudding tastes wonderful.



Just the sound of rhubarb rose rice pudding is poetic!
Have a wonderful evening,


OK, Clarice, I just read your comment on Jill's Home Ec post from yesterday! I roared with laughter over that one!! So,ya just couldn't cut it in the Home Ec class, huh? funny, funny! Dana


Oh, what a delicious and pretty sounding recipe, Clarice! I just harvested my first stalk of rhubarb yesterday. I chopped it up and put it in the freezer and will add more until I have enough to make a pie. :0)


It's just what I needed Clarice.
Have a great day!


Hi Clarice,
Catching up on my favorite blogs...your blog gets lovelier all the time!! :) Loved your post on Helpful hints... some great ideas as all of us are feelin the pinch, and we are staying at home more and more these days!
Blessings to you and yours,


Thanks for sharing your recipes. Roses are gifts from Heaven. I especially love the lavender and pale pink coloured ones. They make me feel so comforted and pampered.

Lady Laurie

Thanks for the recipes, as you know I love anything roses!! I love making my own rosewater ~ its so refreshing to spritz on in the summer!!


Well, I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning - picking rose petals. What a fabulous idea - making my own rose water and rose syrup. It will be a summer garden in my mouth in the midst of winter - I'm planning on canning some of it.

Thanks so much, Clarice,

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