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I had a lovely week, it was even sunny. All went well and my father went home a few pounds heavier ;-) I did cook a lot for him but he took us out a lot too. As much as I love to cook, it was so nice to get a break. One day we went to Bloedel reserve on Bainbridge Island. I have not been there for a couple of years and forgot just how beautiful it is. We got a membership so we will be able to go all year (I will take more pictures). There was a pair of swans, just sleeping in the grass next to the pond. We were able to get so close. They are such a handsome couple.

Swan 2

My father wanted to buy me an early birthday gift. You know my obsession with little thatched cottages. I saw this picture and had to have it. It is quite unusual. I am not sure if you can see in the picture but the glass is convex and there is dried flowers added on the picture were the garden is. It is a bit of an odd piece but with my other cottage pictures, it fit right in. I am curious how old it is. If anyone know about this type of thing, I would love to hear more. I really missed all of you. My father and his wife probably think I am cuckoo, because I talk so much about my blog and you readers xoxoxox



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I am glad your visit went so well. That new picture is so cute and will look perfect in your house.



Love the swans, and I love, love the picture.
It's so you!!
Enjoy it!


Clarice, your photos are beautiful. I have a video of the Bloedel Reserve, that was a gift from a friend who volunteers there on occasion. It is indeed a wonderful place to visit.

I'm glad to hear that your visit with your father was a happy one. Your cottage picture is lovely. I wish I could help with the history, but this is the first one that I've seen with real flowers.

Sharon Lovejoy

Hello Clarice dear, I too was saddened by Tasha's passing, but she did indeed lead life exactly as she wanted to. I did a co-keynote presentation with her in Pennsylvania a few years ago and she was an opinionated HOOT! Made me laugh.

Clarice, could you assist me with a contest I am having on my blog? I am giving away three signed books for the winner.

Please check my latest entry and see if you would be interested in submitting an idea and if you would alert your loyal readers?
Thanks if you can. This should prove interesting.

Love (and LOVE your Home sign too),

Sharon Lovejoy


What a wonderful Summer retreat.
I love your early birthday gift.
It will add charm to your already sweet home indeed.

Jill xoo


I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, Clarice! The photos are beautiful and I love your sweet new picture!

Gumbo Lily

Breath-taking picture of the reserve and the swans. Lucky you.

And I like your thatched cottage picture too. I hope you find out some history about it.



I have that exact picture! The only thing different is that it says God Bless Our Home ...in Polish. My husband has been looking for one since his parents passed away and someone threw theirs away. Anyway, my husbands nephew has the same one also, and he got it from his grandmother. I bought mine on ebay, and the guy told me it was made in the 1940's. It has the original wire hanger, and the paper backing.


Oooh, how lucky that those sweet swans let you come so close. I tried with some the other day and they would have none of it. I love your new little picture too!

Mary T.

You, cuckoo? No way! I'm glad your week went well, I thought and prayed for you often.


I am simply in a trance over that top photo.I've always loved pictures like that but with so much green, its just gorgeous!
So glad you had a wonderful time with your dad and what a wonderful birthday gift.


Your new picture is charming and beautiful! I love it and know it will fit your home perfectly. You are perfectly normal, Clarice, to talk about your bloggy friends! Such is life, right?

Have a happy week!

What a lovely cottage picture your father bought for you. And I love your vacation photos, what a beautiful place. We leave tomorrow for our own vacation and I hope it is half as lovely a place as where you've been.


Sounds like you had a wonderful time. There is something about swans that is so
Majestic, wonderful pictures…

What a great birthday gift…many years ago at a local fair there was a photographer that had his pictures for sale. As I walked by his booth there was a large print of the most beautiful thatched cottage, I was
enchanted by this cottage. The picture was expensive but oh, how I wished I could have gotten it…



Such serene photos! I love the swans...


The picture is BEAUTIFUL!

My daughter knows I love pictures of cottages so she bought me a very big, oval picture at a tag sale in New England.

She brought it all the way to the Midwest when they visited soon after Christmas, safely tucked among luggage. It now has a place of honor in my bedroom.

Aren't such pictures even more beautiful when a loved one makes the purchase for us?


This is just beautiful!!! I love convex frames and having the bundle of drieds with the cottage image is perfect ~ what a sweet birthday gift from your father ~ xxoo, Dawn


The swans are beautiful, such graceful birds and a lovely picture.


What a beautiful picture! Sounds like a lovely week, good for you:-)

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