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Jacobite Rose

Spinneretta 4

It has been so un-spring/summer like here. It seems like endless cold, gray days. Actually there has been a few sunny days now and then. But basically cold and gray. I am still living in my polar fleece (it is 47 outside). So we have not been able to enjoy our yard and parks much. I have been thinking we need to pull out out nature sketchbooks again. They are a creative idea for several reasons. Well they are fun, they help you stop and focus on the wonderful world around us. But also on rainy days it is a way to enjoy nature. We sketch looking out our big picture windows, we bring things inside and something we just make up stuff.



I am not very confident about my sketching skills, even after all these homeschooling years. I  am always looking for inspiration and found it at Jacobite Rose. Rachel is one of those people that can take small, everyday things and make them inspiring and interesting. Her nature sketches are very charming and engaging. One of my homeschool motto's is "it is process, not product that is important". Rachel's sketches reminds me of that and encourages me to just jump in and sketch (and not worry how lame-o it all is ;-) Thank you Rachel, I am sure everyone will be inspired xoxoxox 

Spinneretta 3

         Spinneretta 2


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Terri Pollhein

Isn't that journal wonderful? I keep saying I want to do that. I even got the kids journals with blank pages for Easter, but I never got one for myself!

Think how wonderful it will be for her grandchildren to find these journals some day!!

I just love Rachel's blog!


I think they are very lovely! You should go to your local library and see if you can't get a hold of a book called, "The country diary of a Edwardian Lady" by Edith Holden. It would be a great inspiration for what your doing.


What a work of art! Definitely inspiring me to dig out my own nature journal...


Your sketches are really lovely, Clarice! I will have to send you some of our Texas sunshine. :0)


I'm so glad you featured Rachel! I agree with you that she has a lot of talent. I'm proud to call her a friend!

Sharon Lovejoy

Come on now Clarice, your spirit has its own supply of sunshine. You are so right about the process and I love, love, love journals. They give you joy years afterward when you peruse them, they stir up emotions and experiences long forgotten.

Keep on journaling and I promise you the sun will shine soon!
Garden blessings,


Hi Clarice,
I will try to send some of our California sunshine your way.
I know it will warm up soon.
Have a great weekend,


How lovely! I often wish I had kept up my drawing skills.

Gumbo Lily

"Misery loves company" so therefore I can tell you that it has been rainy, gray, cloudy, and cool here too. Today, the sun is shining but it's cool and clouds block it from time to time. Still, I'm out enjoying it when I can.

Love, love, love the nature sketches here. I need to get my nature notebook out too. More and more things are popping up on my prairie.




I know the weather will break soon, and you can enjoy your beautiful yard.

The sketches are charming and sweet.

I love your motto!

Jill xoo


A very nice post --- and your philosophy "it's the process, not the product" has also been mine and saw hundred's of middle school students through their first cooking classes in their young lives. You can imagine that process, right? LOL!

Process, process, process!


I love journaling like this as it helps bring focus to the little details around us as well as celebrate life. Depending on the purpose, I do agree that process, not product, is often the important thing.


I'm glad I can be of service :) I have gotten my kids hooked too... The last couple of days they have spread out art supplies and spent ages drawing... DS drew marbles and cars, DD did patterns and colours :)

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