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Bass Embroidery Designs

Very Thoughts provoking article it really help me to set my strategies regarding.


Thank you for these Clarice,
I have been stitching this week and enjoying it so much.


First I wanted to convey how delightful I've found this site to be and wish to also impart how lovely the embroidery patterns are. I was hoping that there may be some advice for where I may find more redwork type patterns from 1900's to about the 1940's. I especially enjoy the patterns of cottages and gardens. I do have a few. However, as with anything of this type, I find myself completely obsessed. By the by, you might like to know of a company entitled Lakadaisies that also has lovely redwork patterns.


Thank you so much, Clarice! I just printed out several lovely ones!


Hi Clarice, Thank you for sharing the patterns, they are great. I also thank you for leaving a post-your name is in for the apron giveaway. Best of Luck
Have a Blessed Day,


Hello! I just found your blog today and I'm loving all of the post topics! So quaint and just my style!

-Livy from

Gumbo Lily

These are beautiful.
I especially like the bee hive. I'm into bees right now.



These are beautiful,and love the wonderful book cover below!
Sandra Evertson

Mrs Holter-Hovind

Dear Clarice,
Have you read "The Harvester" by Gene Stratton Porter? The heroine makes her living drawing embroidery designs. If you have not it is well worth hunting out. Gill.


The singing bird is very sweet! I will save that one. I might use it for a needlebook cover.

Jenny-up the hill

I've been wanting to embroider here lately...I need new supplies and the place I usually buy from is no longer carrying any embroidery supplies...ack! I love the cat drinking out of the barrel...all are lovely. Thanks for sharing!


What treasures these old patterns are, Clarice. Thank you for sharing them.

Congratulations on your 500th post!


These look wonderful Clarice. Thank you!!!



Hi Clarice,
Those are really pretty. They look perfect for you.


What a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing the link with us. I am hoping that Thing 1 can embark on embroidery over summer vacation, this will be great for her!

Sharon D.

Thanks for sharing these Clarice! These are great, I just love vintage needlework patterns :)


These are wonderful patterns for embroidery. Thank you so much for sharing this marvelous find, Clarice!

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