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Candy Craft Room

My craft room 4

Wow, 85 responses to my giveaway. Thank you so much for all the support and kind comments. You have energized me to come up with 500 more ideas. I am please to announce Gill is the winner of the giveaway. I have to say Gill has been so sweet and such a support of my blog since the begining . I will e-mail you Gill xoxoxo

I have been meaning to show you my craft corner. In keeping with my candy colored living room, I tried to carry the same colors and vintage fabric over to this area. I am still working on it and it is a bit messy as you can see. I have been looking for the perfect spot for these strawberry pink curtains I got at a rotary auction. I added them to the arches and they add a bit of folly to the room. I was also lucky to purchase from Angie this old bird cage. I just love it. It is in two pieces, the red and the white and they come apart. Since it is not very summery outside (the pictures look sunny but it is not) at lest the room feels summery. It is always inspiring to craft in a fun space. 

 My craft room 3

My craft room 5 

My craft room



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Dear Clarice,
I love your craft corner!!! I love your whole home!!! You make everything so pretty! We would have such fun sewing together. You are so creative and you inspire me.
Love, Paula


Oh. My. Goodness. You've done it again, Clarice! You've inspired me like crazy with another cozy room. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas with us and thanks for your much-appreciated comments at my blog yesterday! Blessings, Debra


Hi Clarice,
I love your craft corner. It's so pretty. I can imagine a peaceful, inspiring time spent creating there. I hope you are having a happy week. Remember to take good care of yourself, my friend.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I love your craftsroom ! I know why you have so much inspiration ! that is the perfect place to create


oooh what a beautiful room,to craft in and just spend those summer evenings in! I love the sewing machine cover too.

Priscilla x

Gumbo Lily

Love the "strawberry splash" in your craft room!



What an absolutely delightful craft room! Those windows are just wonderful and I love your idea to use a vintage linen to cover your machine. I think I may have to adopt that idea--my machines will thank you for it!

Cathy :)


Clarice, what a warm, inviting space you have created there! I really like the arch and the curtains are so nice there. You must feel creative just being in that space.


FAbulous candy colors! That must be very inspiring to work in.


Seeing your pictures makes me long for my own creative space even more... It's such a nice area with a cozy feel and a view into nature - even though it's not so sunny now. Have a great week,


Wow! What a beautiful craft room! I love that it's a part of your house. And just look at those big windows to let in all that natural light -- just perfect!


Such a cheery space - perfect for crafting, creating and inspiring!



Beautiful and inspiring! I love the new curtains on the arch. I feel like I'm sitting there right now. What shall we work on first?
(How fun that would be).



You've made it a beautiful space, Clarice! I would certainly enjoy spending time there. And what a pretty sewing machine cover!


Clean out your spare room, I'm coming to stay with
Love that large window! And the shape of your arch way with that adorable curtain. The whole room is perfect.
Stunning, Simply Stunning!!!!



What a sweet candy craft room! Love the colours and the sewing machine cover. It looks like a wonderfully sunny place to spend a day.


Wow! I just know I could be completely creative in this space! This is PERRRRFECT! I love it! The windows and the arched entrance....and, of course, all the little pieces you have added as well, like the curtains around the archway and the furniture. Just perfect!


Love the colors, love the pom-poms ..
your are so lucky to have such a wonderful space to work in..

I find the more I try to get organized the messier I get..



Gosh, Clarice, if my workroom (a converted garden shed!)was half as "messy" as your's, I'd be thrilled LOL
You have a lovely space, and so lucky to have it in your house. When I am more physically able, I intend to get my work space tidied up and put up curtains and net at the window.


What a fun space.....and a *fun* name! You come up with the most enticing titles :o)
I think it sounds so much more inspiring to work in the "Candy-Craft-Room". In fact, you've given me yet another wonderful name my 'rooms'.


What a lovely space you've created, Clarice! I love the sweetly embroidered cloth you have covered your sewing machine with. It's so nice to come to your blog to get ideas.


Beautiful! I love your room, especially those curtains!


I love your nook! Those drapes are to die for, with the pom-poms and all! If I had that spot, I'd do more (yea right). xo

Mrs Holter-Hovind

Thank you so much Clarice, I shall really enjoy using your lovely book! And those curtains with the bobble trim are perfect. They invite us into the room beautifully. I hope the sun shines down on you soon. Gill.



So pretty, and I adore the strawberry curtain with the pom pom trim, delightful!
You are so lucky to have such a large window in your creative space.
Who wouldn't get insired after looking out into your beautiful yard scape.
What a fabulous bird cage, I like the red accents.
Have fun creating in your beautiful room.

Jill xoo


Clarice, you just have it....
You have what it takes to make any room look inviting, you have what it takes to be creative and to inspire, you have what it takes to make your home look inviting, you have what it takes to go beyond the norm and the everyday to make your home and life truly a storybook world.
I love it!
Now why can't I find the time and the creativity to do that here?!
Thank you for your ever-inspiring and lovely blog!
Joanne, who is working on transforming my youngest daughter's bedroom into an evolving teanager's room instead of the little girl's room that it was....making some grown up touches as she is reminding me that she is not my little girl any more...sniff, sniff...

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