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I needed new pillows to go with my summer theme. This year I am using candy colors of summer. Strawberry, azure, lavender, raspberry, zucchini. Lots of fun color. Well since I was silly and bought a white couch (and I want my family to sit on it without me freaking out) I bought this stripped twin quilt to drape over the couch. Actually it is a pretty cheap ($ 30.00) way to add zing to my living room with each season.

For the pillows, I just took ones I already had and made covers that are easy to take on off. I really wanted to blend vintage/old fashion with a bit more modern fabric. I LOVE how these turned out. I used vintage red velvet trim below and red work above.  I played with a lottttt of fabric till I found a combo I loved. Of course Sis Boom fabric was a perfect choice. Don't you think it is almost halmarky Jennifer  ;-p xoxoxoxo




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Jennifer Paganellli

love that pillow but then again you knew I would!! Blessings Blog lady!! So many inspiring ideas love the curtains under the arch way to go..the pink is quite dazzling..Jennifer


Very creative! I love the pillows and the colors are just right for the season.



Really beautiful pillows--I love your summer colors!


I've just recently found your wonderful blog. Its inspiring! Those colours are luscious. You'be given me so much to think about with regard to my own homemaking ideas.

Many thanks and I look forward to reading more.

Ali Harriman

ellen b

These pillows are gorgeous! I like them very much, they make me smile...


I love the colors you are using!


Very, very pretty! Love those candy colors!


The way you combine the print fabrics is pure genius! The pillows are lovely.


I love your quilt/slip cover and your pillows are very pretty. Love those fabrics!


What a beautiful job on the pillows Clarice. I love the vintage/modern look - just gorgeous!

Christine Crocker

ooh, I love the scalloped edgings. such happy colors, Clarice.
pretty pretty


Job Well Done! Candy color for sure, just yummy. Those will definitely add happy to your room. I have a question. The stripped fabric on your couch/chair. Do you happen to know where you got that or the designer?

Donna O.

Totally candy colors- love them. Reminds me of the swirling suckers with all the great hues!


Great blending of the vintage and the modern. The colors are fab, Clarice!


OH these are just so great..I do love the look you have such a way of putting colors and prints together...


I love your summer colors, Clarice! Your new pillows are so pretty and the quilt is perfect for summer!


LOVE the pillows and the couch covering. But, Clarice--you've been cooking healthy for way too long. Zucchini is *not* a candy ; )


I was looking back over some very old posts of mine and found you in my comments and realised how long it's been since I dropped by.

I love the colors you chose and the cushion covers are just gorgeous.

Lovely to catch up again! Will be back soon.


Beautiful! Love the colors and pattern combinations. Well done.


Hi Clarice,
I was just trying to get around to all of the blogs. I have so many to visit.
Love the summery colors!!!
Those pantry pictures are amazing. I have a very small pantry, wish it was bigger, and prettier. I did paint the outside of mine, and wrote pantry in French on the front of it.
Thanks for the visit, glad you like my home.



I love the chair cover and especially love your choice in fabric for the pillows.
Hey, I have been looking everywhere for the fabric you have on the 2nd pillow far to the right of the pillow, as I use this fabric to make my heat pillows, but have run out. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it on your pillow!


Jill xoo

Gumbo Lily

Love it, love it, love it!!!
I like the strip comforter and the pillows are AWESOME!


Well, it probably goes without saying, but I love it all. ;-)


Your new pillows (and the couch cover) are gorgeous; I really love the colors and think you have done a fantastic job. The fabric prints you used are really appealing to me; I'll have to get some of the Sis Boom fabrics, too.


So fresh, vibrant, and inviting! Love the 'new look'!

:) LaTeaDah


So fresh, vibrant, and inviting! Love the 'new look'!

:) LaTeaDah


Wow, great colors for the summertime Clarice, or anytime, really. I love the combinations that you've chosen, and the ruffled trim on the bottom pillow is an especially nice touch. That one is my favorite. They truly are wonderful!

You've inspired me!

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