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500 Post Giveaway

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Wow, this is my 500th post. Who knew I could say so much ;-) Actually I remembered when I first started my blog (and wondered if anyone one would even want to read what I posted) I worried that I would run out of things to post about. I always worried my blog would be lame. But by now I do not worry, well maybe I worry a little. I still have some things up my sleeve I have not shared, I am hold them back for those days when I have nothing to share. As I have said before, this blog has been life changing for me. I have meet so many kinder spirits, been encouraged in my quest to make a home, will be in a magazine and soo much more. It is all thanks to you dear readers. You are all so kind to me. You encourage me and support me. I get the sweetest notes from you, that quite honestly bring tears to my eyes. As a thank you I am having a give away. I made an altered note-book for the giveaway. Sighh, every now and then, no matter how many pictures I take, I can not get a good one. This notebook is sooo much more charming then the picture shows. The image on the front is from a vintage book (that was a gift from one of you dear readers). You will also receive a chocolate bar, of course. I will wait a week, so everyone has a chance and then I will post a winner. So just say hello and I will enter your name. Thank you again dear readers. As I always say, I so wish I could have you all over for tea and lavender chocolate mousse. What a party we would have  xoxoxox

Give-away has ended.


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kathy pease


Peggy Gorman

Congratulations on your 500th post, you can give yourself a pat on the back!! The book is darling ,count me in to win!

Amber Porter

Hello, I think the book is darling!





Pamela White

Congratulations on your 50th post.

Kathy Conley

hello, thanks for a great giveaway!

Suzanne B. (Crunchy Green Mom)

YAY.. how cool!
I'll get there soon, and then I'll join ya in the giveaway for the 500th post.

I love the giving away of chocolate idea!

israel y



Congrats on this amazing milestone of yours!

I've read through your blog and it's simply wonderful!

It won't be long till you reach the 1,000 mark!

Betty N

Happy 500th! May you be blessed with many more. The journal is lovely.

Linda Pinto

Happy 500th blog. The book is beautiful.

judy brittle

super congrats on your 500th post. wonderful. book looks absolutely charming and i love c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e

Sharon Thayer

500 wow!! congrats
count me in please would love to win!!


500 posts is a great milestone and I look forward to 500 more!! Your blog is always a pleasure to visit!! :)
Hugs, Bebe :)

P.S. You say there is chocolate involved? Mmmmm....

Donna O.

Holy 500 batman!!! Congratulations, Clarice!! I can't imagine!!


Congratulations on your 500th post! The book is very charming and I would be very happy to win! Thank you for offering such a lovely giveaway! Julia


Warmest congratulations on your 500th eXciting post, my friend!

Heidi Woodruff

Chocolate, you say???

Congrats on 500 postings! Wheee...thanks for the chance to win your lovley journal!
Everyday Cookies


Soooo glad I found your post in time for the giveaway! The cover of the book is absolutely charming!


Congrats on your 500th - it's a great accomplishment and your very enjoyable to read. What a cute book and a great giveaway. Thanks for visiting my bro's bike journal.


Susan P.

Just want you to know that you have been such a wonderful blessing to me, too, Clarice:) I'm looking forward to another 500!!


Congrats on your 500th post! How lucky I am to have stumbled onto your wonderful blog when you're having a give away!


Lena says "Congratulations on your 500th post!"


Congratulations!!! Your book is lovely!


Congratulations on 500 Sweet Clarice! That notebook is adorable!

Jennifer Bogart

Looks like a neat notebook! I'm a pretty new blogger, only around 125 posts, nowhere near 500! Congratulations!


I really enjoy your blog. You have a lot of great information. You are a sweetheart!
Congrats to you!


Hello! Hello! Please please please! That is the cutest notebook OF MY LIFE!


Wow, that's a lot of posts and every one is special, like you ( and your girls). Sorry it is so wet and cold there...last week it was cold here. You just never know what is in store. "hoping for nice weather for Alaska and my visit.


Sharon D.

That's awesome Clarice! Wow, 500 posts! Please enter me in your giveaway :) Your book is to charming for words.


As you know, I love your blog and am always delighted with everything you share. Congratulations on this major milestone!


Congrats on 500. I'm always here reading if not always commenting. Please put my name in the hat.



Happy 500th! Wow! Such a neat book, too!



Congrats, Clarice! That is an amazing blogging milestone. As a new blogger, I can not imagine reaching your level of posts! I agree with you, it is a life changing experience and one I am loving! Enter me in your terrific give-away!


Love reading your blog! Please enter my name in the drawing.

Terri Pollhein

Enter my name, please, Clarice! And happy 500!


I can't imagine reaching 500 posts....
Congratulations! my friends and I are totally inspired by your blog ;-)


What a wonderful milestone for you. Many congratulations on your 500th post. I wish you many more happy and healthy blogs! I would love to win this adorable book for my sister. She is a retired first grade teacher and she also was a reading specialist. She love children's books. What a fun gift this would be for her. Please enter me in your delightful giveaway drawing. I really appreciate it!


Congrats on your 500th post--what a milestone! Thank you for your beautiful blog.


Great job I can only hope to make 500. I so enjoy stopping in for a visit, keep up the great blogs..MISSY


Happy 500 and I am so looking forward to your next 500!!!!



Happy 500th Clarice, as always you have out done yourself!!!!!


Your blog is so lovely! The notebook is charming. Congratulations on your 500th post.


Bonnie Buckingham

WOW. Half a million.
Love your blog. It inspires
and nourishes.
Love Altered books and cards!
Made a card this morning and put it in
the mail ~~ Like Father Tim , it should

"Ah but he liked mail. Always had. One never knew what might turn up in the mail. It was like the lottery in which one could hit the jackpot at any moment." (Jan Karon)

Bonnie in Charlotte


Clarice -

Congratulations on reaching your 500th post. Quite a milestone! I have so enjoyed reading your entries and viewing your artwork/photos.

Looking forward to many more!


Nancy Jane

I love your Blog and congrats on the 500th.
The note book is just darling.


Happy 500th post. I love to visit your blog!

misty w

Conrats on 500! Thanks so much for the opportunity.


Woo-hoo 500! The notebook looks darling!


Hi Clarice,
Your notebook exudes vintage charm and congratulations on your 500th post! I'm ever so impressed.



congratulations on your 500th post!! i'm just beginning my blog and don't quite have it all set up yet! your blog is fun and inspiring!! i look forward to checking back.


Hello There Clarice... have just popped over from Candace @ Wraggedypatches to say Hello & then I really must go to bed... Kinda Weary @ 2AM... 'Night Now...

PS. Luv the Vintagey Feel your Notebook exudes...


Congrats on you 500th post!
That is a feat to be very proud of!
I know your feelings too well...I started my blog not long ago and I wonder and worry about the same things now and yet I keep on with high hopes.


wow,500 is amazing. ive enjoyed reading your blog for quite awhile now. you are always a source of inspiration.the journal is so so cute. i would be there in a heartbeat to enjoy tea and chocolate with you!


Wow, 500 posts! That IS something to celebrate! Congratulations to you.Your altered journal is adorable. I'd love the opportunity to win something so sweet and creative and beautiful. I love journals.

Mrs Holter-Hovind

You are top of my list Clarice, I pop over everyday. How sad I am when you are "out", and how delighted to read your new post when you are "in" again. So many visits, so many cups of tea :) Thank you for just being there! Gill.


Congratulations Clarice! I am so glad for all that you have shared with us :)

jessi nagy

congrats on 500!!!
heres to 500 hundred more!!
darling giveaway!!!!



What a cute altered journal! I have always wanted to try my hand at an altered book. You have given me lots of inspiration. Please enter my name. I can't wait for your next 500 posts! Susan


I am craftily-challenged. Ergo, I have to settle for reading delicious blogs like yours and admiring your creativity. So much for homemaking being dull!

Nice to have found you!

Ali H.

Pearl Maple

What else would one celebrate 500 wonderful posts other than lavender chocolate mousse, how exciting.

Congrats on such an important milestone. Your sketchbook posts have been quite fun.


If Canadians are eligible, please enter my name for your lovely give-away. Your blog is a real treat, regardless!


Congrats. Love reading your recipes and tips. Thank you for sharing.

Amanda Ryan

I just got here via a link from Candace at Wraggedypatches. I love the pictures and the way you write, so will be adding you to my regular reads. Congratulations on 500 posts - amazing. I don't think you should add me to the giveaway list though, save that for your loyal readers so far. If I keep visiting you can add me to the next one!!


thanks for sharing so much joy with so many. Here is to many more blog entries to come. Happy day. Hugs, Annie from San Diego


how wonderful about your 500th post. Here is to 500 more! And what a beautiful give away.


Tea and lavender chocolate mousse sounds delicious. Wish I could join you.



here is to many more posts!


Congratulations! It is always nice to drop into your little world!


500th post congratulations
Here is to 500 more.


Yippee! Celebration to a wonderful lady!
I'm in!:) Pick me, pick me!;)
Love ya!


Wow! My first visit to your blog and I happen upon a celebration and a giveaway! What a lovely notebook.

Now I'm going to go poke around your archives--hope you don't mind!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Congratulations on your 500th post, Clarice! What a bench mark! I believe I've been reading for most of that time, and have truly enjoyed watching your blog blossom and then bloom. I'll keep reading for the next 500 posts, too.

Kam A

Please enter me :) Thank you for the giveaway!

Mary Jenkins

are you kidding? this is oozing charm! and you are so charming! congrats on the 500th, darling.


Wow, 500 posts. At the rate I'm going I don't think I'll ever reach that mark. The notebook looks like a lovely giveaway. I really enjoy reading your blog.


Happy 500th Sweetie!!! It's so nice to have you as a kind neighbor in this sweet land of blog ~ you are always so thoughtful and sharing, Clarice ~ I wish you many, many more posts of your wonderful ideas and thoughts!! Please enter me in your giveaway to win your beautiful journal ~ xxoo, Dawn


Congratulations your 500th post, Clarice! I have enjoyed them all and think you are one of the sweetest bloggers around! Your altered book is so charming, I would love to be entered into your giveaway!


Thanks for the encouragement!

Gumbo Lily

Fabulous Five-Hundred Clarice!
You always inspire me and bring me to a higher level in my homemaking. Wishing you another 500 fantastic posts (and more).



You are so creative! I'd love to win. :)


Please, enter my name in your giveaway. I enjoy your blog very much, it is beautiful, and very interesting. I'm looking forward to visiting it often.



What a lovely gesture, and the prize is soulful and sweet.
Happy 500, and happy many more to come my friend.
I was just thinking about you last night as I lay in bed, thinking, even though Clarice and I have never met, I feel as though I've known her for years, and value your kind compassionate ways that truly continue to touch my soul.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!


Jill xooxooxooxoo


Happy 500th! You've done a great job and I always enjoy coming to visit at Storybook Woods. I wish I could drop by for some Summerhill Tea and some Lavender Chocolate Mousse. Maybe someday again. . .



Hi Clarice,
Happy 500 Anniverasy,that's just
great. I would like you to put my name in
your giveaway Please.


.....and when we come for Tea, could I bring some Lavender shortbread biscuits?

Oh, Clarice, you are charming! And we all love you.

Congratulations on 500!


Your posts are always wonderful and inspiring--never boring! Your giveaway looks adorable--and, of course, I love chocolate! I look forward to your next 500 posts!

Jenny-up the hill

I've just recently came upon your blog and I think it's just lovely! You are very inspiring to me...I want to be you when I grow up! lol!

This altered journal is just wonderful...Please pick me!!!


That is very cute :) Now when you can make notebooks like that, you HAVE to use them for your art and journalling!! This time, I am the one being inspired!

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