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I have had a very lucky week and won several giveaways. It was Karla's at Karla's Cottage birthday (happy birthday sweetie) and she had a giveaway. Look at all the yummy vintage wallpaper, trims, buttons, ect. She was even kind enough to send my girls come chocolate. Karla has a giveaway every month. I have to say she is one of the most giving bloggers I know xoxoxoxo


This is Queen Bianca who is waiting for a dark and brooding pirate to sweep her off her feet. Isn't she charming. Thank you Heather at Bumblebird, I love her.


I also won at the Pirate soiree this wonderful dexterity game from Melissa Valeriote at Holiday Queen. Thank you Melissa, it was very generous to have a giveaway and the game is a lovely reminder of the soiree.   


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Congrats to you Clarice!!
Thanks for visiting me.


I wanted to wish you a very delightful mother's day. I know you'll be celebrating this week...enjoy. You're girls are lucky to have such a wonderful role model as you!!


Oh, Clarice, what fabulous treats. I am truly tickled for you.

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