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Pink Frillyness


I though I would share a few more pictures of my favorite tree. You have asked what kind of tree it is but sadly I do not have a clue. It does not bare any fruit, just these lovely pinks frills. It is almost the first thing to bloom in my yard.


This above is the view from my bedroom window.


After this trees bloom, I have another tree that blooms. It is just starting and the flowers are a deeper pink. But it is just as big and beautiful as my favorite tree.

I have been busy putting my baking pantry together. I was so blessed to walking into a wonderful deal. I will share soon xoxoxo



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Sarah Keith



Oh, that is so breathtakingly beautiful that it doesn't even look real!!! And you have one in your about "storybook"!!


Truly a 'storybook woods'! My crab apple trees are just coming into bloom now - how nice to see after a long, blah winter.


I'd love to have that view out of my bedroom window. It's is absolutely breathtaking! Wow!


If I were a tree, I would be that tree!

Jill xoo

Christine Crocker

dear clarice,

that is absolutely the most gorgeous "pink frillyness" tree I have ever seen.

really beautiful.

and does she smell as pretty as she looks?



Beautiful pictures and love the name….

I see we both have wonderful views from our bedrooms this time of the year…



How blessed you are to have it right outside your window!! Such a happy spring color :)


Gorgeous! It does look like some kind of cherry tree, but whatever it is, it's delightful!


Beautiful pictures, Clarice! Those are the perfect springtime blooms!

Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

Gorgeous! I love the pink trees this time of year. I was marveling in God's creation of them on Saturday.

Gumbo Lily

A little slice of heaven out your bedroom window. It looks similar to flowering crab apple trees, but you said no fruit so..... I like your name for it "Pink Frillyness."



Oh my, your pictures are gorgeous! What a wonderful feast for my eyes.

Oh my, your pictures are gorgeous! What a wonderful feast for my eyes.


I don't know what kind of tree it is either, but it certainly is breathtaking. Your pictures are beautiful.


Such Splendor!
~stunning, breath-taking, beautiful, and all other adjectives to describe this lovely tree!
Joanne, who can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!:)

the feathered nest

Very pretty frills! Maybe it's a type of cherry like Kwanzan? Those are the first to bloom here.


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