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Pantry Love

Pantry 3

From Zamborski Emporium

Okay I am pantry obsessed and have been searching around for some pantry ideas. I thought you might like seeing them.

You have to read Warm Pie, Happy Home  post  "A Little Gumption Goes A Long Way" . It is not exactly a about pantry's but it is sooo charming and inspiring. I tell you Ruthann needs to write  a book. It was so much fun, I did not want to end. More please Ruthann !!!! 

Pantry 2

From Jo-Anne Coletti

I really enjoyed this pantry post from French Kitchen In America

Pantry 4  From Treehugger

Pantry 1


From Cantonrep

Another pantry article I enjoyed !!!!

Pantry 5

Gallery of pantry pictures 

I really love The Pantry Book (I got it for Christmas), well Catherine has a lovely blog with lots of encourging posts.

Pantry 6

Sorry I did not save were I got this image from. I hate it whene I do that xoxoxo


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Chandralal Gunasekera

Really happy with your comments It will give us good ideas and expereance.


I love pantries! I have that book also - very inspiring. I'm off to check out the links; thanks for sharing Clarice.


Oh, boy....I get warm fuzzies when I see such organized pantries. However, I have a really hard time keeping mine under control. I have rounded up a bunch of cannisters for beans, pasta, and rice, but my cans and boxes and jars seems so....I don't know....UNWIELDY. That's a real word, isn't it? I have a feeling your pantry can only be that perfect if you limit your diet to foods that look good in pretty jars. Anyway, I'll keep dreaming.


I love the pantry shots.
The emporium pantry is to die for.


Jill xoo


Hi...I've really enjoyed your post about pantries...It's interesting to read about old kitchens and their pantries...I have a big closet type of pantry in my little kitchen, but it's not a walk in, just shelves...I don't know if there's any room in there for "decor", because it's so full of cans, bottles,etc...I'll have to give that some thought!...Take care, Katie


Great photos, that really inspire! Thanks, Katie


I love those pantry shots. When we built our house, I wanted a walk-in pantry, but we couldn't pull that off in my kitchen with the design of our house. I did squeeze in a "hall pantry" just a few steps away from my kitchen. It houses the duplicates of products and assorted little, rarely used appliances. I do love my two door pantry in the kitchen with fabulous pull out shelves. It's pure heaven in comparison to my old kitchen with zero storage space. Thanks for your enjoyable post.


We have a very small walk in pantry with a pocket door. I keep the door closed and I'm not about to show you a picture of what it looks like, LOL! It is handy if not photo worthy.



Ooh..I'm drooling right along with you, Clarice. :0)


Oh, what a lovely pantry! It is so light, bright and cheery. It must be a real joy to just walk in there.
BTW, I love your blog !


Thank you ever so much for your very fun compliments on my Beulah story!! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it! I hope to one day make it part of a novel I am working on. Your encouragement really goes a long way to keep me going!! Thanks for sharing the pantry pictures too! So charming! God Bless you!
Warm Pie, Happy Home


I want a pantry too! Love the first and last images, like beautiful furniture!


The papercut edging in the third picture is completely charming!

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