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Mother's Day Plea

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I am reposting my Mother's Day Plea post from last year. This is a subject I feel passionate about and will probably repost it every year. I will be having my Mother's day next Thursday becuase this week is turning out to be a bad week. It is better to wait and enjoy it.  I hope you have a plan xoxox




I try not to give sermons on this blog (even though I do it all the time in real life) but I want to write a Mother's day plea. I am hoping this does not apply to any of you ladies but I know too many who do not get the pampering they need on Mother's day. It is usually because they do not ask for it; they do not plan for it. You know if you have a dream, it does not happen without some work. Since most hubbies cannot read our minds (well I know mine can't) we have to ask for what we want. We have to know what we want; we have to make it a priority!

I will probably not be having my Mother’s day this weekend. It will be pushed off until next weekend (I take a whole weekend by the way, not just Sunday !!) We do not have the money. Not that I need a lot but we do not have any money till pay-day. I could just suck it up and say "oh ... it is no problem" but that really would not be true. I would rather wait and do it right. If I have to wait a month I will.

I do it not just to be pampered (although I really like that part) but I do for my girls. When they grow up and (hopefully) are mothers, I do NOT want them to suck it up. I want them to feel honored, I want them to feel loved, I want them to get a break. How I live says much more to my girls, then what I say.

So I have a dream, I have a plan. Before Mother's day I will make sure the fridge has something yummy in it for me, I will have a stack of mags for me to read in bed, I will have let hubby know what I would like (Which will probably be a picnic somewhere and go look at a few antique stores).

So why am I telling you all this? If you always put yourself on the back burner on Mother's day, please not do it this year. For your sake, for you hubbies sake, for your children's sake. Have a dream, make a plan, and ask for what you need. If you need to wait a couple of weeks, please do. Do not let things get in the way of your Mother's day, work around them!!


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Kathleen Botsford

What a lovely blog Clarice! I agree whole heartedly with your sentiments and living as an example to your daughters. Your blog reminds me a simpler time and I enjoyed reading your list of ways to save the gas prices. You make it sound enchanting and fun! Thank you! Kathy

karla nathan

I remembered this from last year, and thought of it when I was out shopping with the grandbaby, helping her pick out something special for her mommy.


Sending you cheery thoughts Clarice!!!!!
I've never thought about it that way, but it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the little pep talk.


I decided you were right. Did you see my blog yeserday? I'm taking your advice.
Happy Mother's Day!


Thank you for this post. I had mentioned to my husband last night that he should maybe try to make a craft with the little two for me because they want to, and it would make me so happy. I think I will put my foot down later. My girls are really trying this year to plan a fantastic day for me and in overhearing their plans I feel really excited. I will be keeping your advice in the back of my head though, I don't want my girls to grow up thinking they are anything other than the princesses they are.
I hope you have a fabulous day!


Thank you so much for the reminder! Lovely post!
You enjoy Mother's Day as well, whenever that will take place.
Rest Up after all your work, Clarice!
Love and thoughts,


I remember this from last year Clarice.
It is a great post!


A most excellent post, Clarice. I remember it from last year and believe it should be a yearly reminder for us all. Thank you so much!


I need to work on this...thanks for the reminder Clarice! I will be doing something special for my mom on Sunday.
I hope your week improves!


I remember this from last year and it is just as important for this year. I will be enjoying my mother is year at her home...i treasure her and hope my girls will feel the same for me. Dianntha


Good for you, I must admit to being rather guilty of putting things like Mother's Day, Valentines and my Birthday on the backburner so that I don't put others out either time wise or financially, I guess that isn't really a good thing to do.


thank you for the beautiful reminder.


I hope this cheers you up! You won the Bianca doll in my recent giveaway...Yeah! Have a very happy mother's day!


I also do this for my birthday and any other "special day".
The hubby,as wonderful as he is to me,has forgotten our anniv for the 1st 7-8yrs(who can forget April Fools Day!)as well as my birthday,valentines day and Mother Day.
His dad is basically the same way,he's learn it well.I've finally got him to remember the date but,he hasn't developed the knack for shopping ahead incase he works that day(this upsets the kids since niether are old enough to drive).
If it happens he works that day,and I dont recieve anything from him...I buy my own gift and I'm NOT cheap..LOL.


Amen to that!


I recall this post from last year, it made a big impact on me then and boy! I needed a reminder this year!!!
Thanks, Clarice. I'm off to prep for Mother's Day!


Great thoughts and well worth a repost. We do need to ask for what we want. I think sometimes people take a perverse pleasure in complaining about what they didn't get instead of asking for what they really want.


The feathered nest

Good post Clarice! I take the whole weekend too and my husband has the whole weekend for Father's Day as well.



I have been so blessed by our friendship in SO MANY WAYS! And this Mother's Day reminder is just one of those ways.

We'll have to celebrate it on Friday--but celebrate, we shall! You're right about hubbies and children not being able to read our minds. My lovely daughter does her very best to make Mother's Day and my birthday special, but a little nudge with the boys sure helps : )


I must have missed that last year---so glad you re-posted it! Truly a lot to think about. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!


This is such a wonderful post, Clarice!


This is GOOD advice! I HEAR exactly what you are saying. Thank you!


Well Clarice,
I couldn't have said it better.
I remember this post from last year, and I think it is true to most Mom's hearts.


Jill x00


Your blog is absolutely gorgeous! I can almost smell the flowers:)


Lots of good points. I can see not only your daughters benefitting, but your husband also. Unfortunately, men if not helped can come up short in spite of good intentions, and I'm sure that most of them would love your plan. At least, the average man. They can still come up with a nice surprise on their own if they want.

Susan P.

Wow, Clarice, that is an awesome post. I think you really described so many of us Mom's in that post. Thanks for reminding us that we ARE important and deserve to be pampered. I especially love how you said you were doing it for your daughters so they would feel cherished and honored one day. You know, I have never even thought about that, thanks for opening up my eyes.

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