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Molly Ward's Garden


Thank you for the Mother Day wishes. I had a lovely Mother's day. My girls made me orange, chocolate baked french toast, bacon, greek yogurt with strawberries and tea. Aubern'e gave me a Toby Mac CD  with my favorite song right now and Chloe a beautiful purple glass bottle. We went antiquing in Gig Harbor and had an amazing dinner at Molly Ward's. It is an old barn that use to be a yarn shop. Lynn and Sam have taken the land and made some amazing gardens. Which were just magical at sunset. To top off the evening, my dear friend is the pastry chef and I have a praline mouse with hazelnut cookies to die for xoxoxox





Garden photos by my daughter Aubern'e


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Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

That's a fun Toby Mac song!

Donna O.

Oops! Sorry for all of the typos- sheesh!
"i before e except after c"

Donna O.

That pirate daughter of your can sure weild that camera around!!! Stunning!

Susan L

I thought Aubern'e's garden photos were magical, too. Just gorgeous! And your girls spoil you (nice Mother's Day breakfast), just like they should-- you deserve it, Clarice!



I'm glad you had such a lovely Mother's Day. You deserve it! Tell Aubern'e that I'm quite impressed with her photography!

karla nathan

YOur daughter's garden photos have a magical quality to them, I expect a fairy to be hiding in the woods!


how delightful....

the outdoor pictures look like a fairyland....beautiful.

such sweet girls you have :)


The photos turned out great. Auberne did a really good job on them. Love, Mom


Such enchanting photos, almost like a secret garden, love, love.
What a delightful Mother's Day, and the French Toast sounds extra yummy.


Jill xoo


Sounds so nice! What lovely photos of the gardens. Only in my dreams do I have a garden like that!


Aubern'e is an incredible photographer! Those garden pictures should be on notecards. What a gorgeous garden that is!


Dreamy. . .tasty. . .and oh so perfect for Mother's Day! It sounds like you had a perfect on! The pastry chef-friend's dessert sounds like a perfect way to top off the day!

Which is your favorite Toby Mac song? Title, please, ma'am. :)

My boys gave me three of the newly developed (for 2008) Jackson and Perkins roses --- but they have not arrived yet. They told me they were still 'growing'. J & P will send them when they deem them 'ready'.

:) Great post, Clarice!



Were the first two photos of the gardens at Molly Ward's? They are amazing. The dining area looks so inviting and cozy. What a great place that must be to visit. Mousse and cookies--that sounds like a terrific combination!


Hi Clarice,
Thanks for visiting, and I like the name you picked out.


Hi Clarice, remember the birthday party you gave me at Molly Wards? That's so funny because I was just thinking about that day. The best birthday I ever had. I know it was long ago [do you remember how long ago?] but thank you again for that memory. Christy When do you want to go to lunch?

Gumbo Lily

What a spectacular, soothing garden and woods. I would love to sit and Just Be there. What a special treat you had.

Happy Mother's Day.

Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

That's a fun Toby Mac song!

What a lovely day you had :)
We have celebrated Norway's Independence Day, struggling to march in a parade through a Spring blizzard! Our BBQ was moved indoors but otherwise a lovely day. Gill.

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