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My goodness over 40 comments. I think I get the idea that you like my pantry ;-) Thank you so much for all the kind comments and I am sorry for causing pantry envy.

I have been busy cooking since my new space is so inspiring. I have been looking at what we eat and trying to make it the most of it. To make it both tasty and healthy. I saw these peanut butter candies on-line at a blog and of course forgot to save it. (if you know what blog it is please let me know). I tweaked the recipe just a hair. I used agave syrup instead of honey. I have been playing with agave and are really liking it. Agave is very low on the glycemic level.

These candies also have flax meal. I just wanted to say that flax is so healthy and you should try to work in both flax oil and flax seeds into your diet. They are an excellent  and affordable source of omega 3 fatty acids. If you do not know this, you should buy your flax seeds whole, not ground meal. Also your flax seeds and oil should be refrigerated, they are very fragile. So look for it keep cold in storage and then ground your flax at time of use. I use a coffee grinder and it only takes a few seconds.

I also added a piece of bittersweet chocolate. In my opinion a small bit of bittersweet chocolate is very good for your health. And that is my story and I am sticking to it. I liked these too because they are pretty rich, so my family did not gobble them down and they lasted a few days. I am playing with another version that does not have peanut butter. If they turn out good, I will post them soon. Enjoy


Peanut Butter Candies

1/2 cup peanut butter, crunchy or smooth

1/2 cup agave or honey

1/2 cup of flax meal

pinch of salt

3/4 cup powdered milk

Put all ingredients in bowl of electric mixer. I put powdered milk and flax meal in first, then the rest to help the powdered milk adsorb the agave. Mix till it all comes together.

Roll into small balls and put a piece of chocolate on top. Yummm xoxoxox


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Clarice, I'm passing this recipe on to our oldest daughter. I may try it myself sometime. So, do you bake these? Or not? Thanks!

Susan L

Oh, YUM! Perfect for the way I like to eat, too. Melissa will be happy when I make these!


Donna O.

Well, your daughter and I may have to give these a try although we are mini chocolate- covered donut fans!

Susan P.

I admire how you always seem to incorporate healthy ingredients into your recipes. I guess I need to educate myself on some better ways to cook for my family. I'm ashamed to say that some of the ingredients you have talked about in your recipes I have never even heard of ~ I need to get to the library and start reading up on all of this.


Those look too good to be healthy Clarice.
Thanks for the recipe.


I am always amazed by the recipes you feature, this one is unusal as I am not familiar with some of the ingredients, they look and sounds great! and healthy too, perfect!

Priscilla x

Kim of Thistle Dew Mercantile

They look yummy! I'm going to try substituting the milk powder with soy milk powder so Kate can eat them! And I definitely "second" the chocolate on top!

Kim :-)


They look so good....
Happy to hear you are enjoying your new space...



You come up with the very best ideas, Clarice! Your candy recipe sounds delicious.


Mmm...they look delicious and so pretty too! I happen to have a little flax seed in my fridge. :0) I wrote you a letter today, be watching your mailbox!

Gumbo Lily

Those look delish and I like your addition of dark chocolate. They remind me of Peanut Butter Blossom cookies.



These look really good. Thanks for coming up with the recipe. Love, Mom


Yummy! What a great recipe. A peanut allergy at our house prevents this to be made 'as written' but never fear, the mind is busy working up an easy substitution. It's so helpful that it's already a gluten free recipe. They look beautiful, Clarice! At our house we have a coffee grinder dedicated to 'flax seed only'. It's delicious and so good for you!




You lucky girl, winning twice in a row!
I love the vintage wallpaper,one of my favorite vintage items.
I eat flax seed every day. It lowers my blood pressure.
Believe it or not, I pour about two tablespoons directly on my oatmeal every morning for breakfast. I must have strange tastebuds, cause I enjoy eating it right out of the container too. I like it's nutty wholesome taste.

The recipe is a great recipe, and I will surely try it.
I agree with your philosophy about a small bit of bittersweet chocolate good for your health, in fact, I believe a large bit of bittersweet chocolate is too good for your health.
If I were stranded on a desert island, I would hope I had a reserve of dark chocolate, I could probably stay there forever if I did.


Jill x00

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