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Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's day everyone. I made this card for you to save and print up as an encouragement. I am so blessed to have become a mother because my girls have helped me to become not such a selfish person. Before my girls, I was very self centered (actually I am still working on this but getting better). But there is nothing like motherhood to put you in your place and make you take your eyes off yourself. And as good, as all of this is for me, I still need to make sure I do not totally put myself on the back burner. In order to give in a full way, I need to make sure I have not run myself down. The fuller I am, the more love, patients and attention I can give my girls.

Mostly I made this card as a reminder, that what we do says much more to our children, then what we say. So be good to yourself, so you can be good to your children xoxoxo


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Denise Fontaine

Wow Powerful if only the world knew that!

Gumbo Lily

Happy Mother's Day to a very special mom.



Clarice, you are so sweet! Hope you had a wonderful day!


What a beautiful saying, Clarice! Thanks so much for your Mother's Day wish over at my blog yesterday. I really appreciated it so much. And I *loved* your baker's pantry! Every single detail was wonderful and I'm going to steal some of your ideas for my new tiny (tiny!) baker's pantry in the old farmhouse we are buying. Thanks so much! Blessings, Debra


What a beautiful card, Clarice, and a very apt reminder. Thank you so much!


Lovely card, Clarice! Happy Mother's Day to you!


Happy Mother's Day to you too! And thank you for the reminder. You always manage to find the heart of a situation : )

Happy Mother's Day Clarice!



Mrs Holter-Hovind

Have a wonderful weekend Clarice. Happy Mothers Day and Whitsuntide. Gill.


Have a very Happy Mother's Day Clarice!!

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