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I love this, I mean, love. I bought the new Mary Jane Farmmagazine and was drooling over all the inspirations (I hate it and love it when there are so many ideas, I do not know which to pick first). Mary Jane has a wonderful article using old linens, which I have lots of. I saw this food cover and had to try it. It is just a wooden hoop and a round linen. The problem was (shockingly enough) I did not have a round piece. But I did have these two matching oval crochet dollies. I believe they were done by my great grandmother. So I just overlapped the two and added the wooden ring. To keep the two ends in the center, from falling in the food, I just tacked them down. I actually really did not sew them. I more just wound the thread around the lace and knot it off. So when I do not want to use them anymore, it will be easy to take them apart. I really want to make some more. I need a much bigger one for my pasta bowl.


I case you did not know Mary Janes Farm magazine has changed. She started off originally just making a catalog with a few articles. Well it grew and grew, till it was half catalog and half magazine. Well now it is a full fledge magazine and really very good. I was impressed and inspired. It comes out every three months. Check it out xoxoxo


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I adore this Clarice and actually seeing you revisit this recently inspired me to make some as Mother's Day presents, so thank you!!!!!!


I am not a doily type of person but I do appreciate the time & work that goes into them. I'm 60 & have some that *my* grandmother made & this will be the perfect project for the. So much better than hiding them away. Thanks for sharaing.

Bridget Shirey

You are so right! I am a MJF fan and take part in the forums swaps and ideas to make things :) Love her food to.


Dear Clarice,

I love this idea and your photo is gorgeous. Your home should be featured in a magazine!

Love, Paula

Gumbo Lily

Cute idea!
The pic looks like it could be in a Country Living Magazine or something. Good job, Clarice!



As some of the other commets mention, I have a couple of small ones with beaded edges for using on cream pitchers and such. The bigger bowl sized one is a great idea. Thanks for sharing yours, it looks both pretty and functional.


Mrs Holter-Hovind

I just had to pop back because I suddenly thought that this would look so great with a piece of gingham in place of the doiley...less elegant, more retro country...and easy to launder. Perhaps for picnics! Gill :)


That came out so lovely, Clarice and the whole photo is a delight! So glad you are enjoying the new magazine--isn't it terrific? I'm going to subscribe as soon as we get moved into our new farmhouse, the place where I will get to play Mary Jane all the time now after all these years of reading about her. :) Blessings, Debra


Great idea for doilies. I'll have to check out the magazine.



I love her magazine and her books. That looks so pretty!


karla nathan

That makes such a pretty photo! I love both of the table tops in the pictures.

Donna O.

I love, really love the look of this, too! So pretty!

Christine Crocker

oh, that's such a wonderful idea, Clarice.
yours is so very pretty and so now, I'm digging threough the linen cupboard, I have some old crocheted pieces with a deer leaping..
I hope I can find it!

I have followed Mary Jane from the beginning but haven't found her newest magazine just yet. Thanks so much for
showing this!
I always learn so much when I come to visit.

Lady Laurie

I will have to look into her magazine. I have to admit I didn't much care for her first book or magazines, I felt they were pushing too much of her very expensive products.
I love this idea with the lace and the hoops!!

Susan L

Hi Clarice! I love how Mary Jane lives her life on her lovely land. And I still want one of those tents she uses for her bed and breakfast-- so very cool! I haven't seen the magazine yet, but I like her book.



Great piX! ThanX for the heads up on Mary Jane's mag ~ it's going on my wishlist.

Mrs Holter-Hovind

Another way to use the crochet doilies as food covers is to stitch pretty glass or china beads evenly around the edge so that there are enough to weight it down over the jug or bowl. An easy way is to thread them onto a skein of crochet thread and crochet a chain, catching the chain to each doily point with a bead in the "gap"...hmm clear as mud? Gill.



Thanks for the link, I did not know the mag was now available every other month, and I subscribed to Mary Jane's wonderful idea magazine, and I can't wait to get it in the mail.

Jill xoo

Cathy Santarsiero ^..^

Hi Clarice...found your blog through Susan't T-Party blog. It is lovely! We're Mary Jane's Farm fans too! Have a happy week. Warmly, Cathy

wendy Purdy

Just love your blog, and your ideas and mary janes as well.


I didn't know another issue came out--been waiting--thanks!!! That linen idea is too cute or do you make it look that way:-)


I've been wanting to check out that magazine for a while. I'll have to keep hunting locally, because if you what you are showing is any indicator as to the rest of the magazine then it looks like my cup of tea. Have you seen Living Crafts Magazine yet? I just picked up my first issue and it's wonderful.


I have never heard of that magazine, but surely will now look for it. Your pictures are really beautiful....MISSY


I have been enjoying the changes in Mary Jane's magazine, too.

That is a beautiful picture, will have to try it.


Beautiful Clarice!!
I learn something new with every visit to your blog.


I've enjoyed my Mary Janes Farm magazines for a long time and have often wished they would come out more often, so I was very pleased when I learned they would be creating a magazine on a more regular basis. Just recently, I subscribed to the new magazine. I enjoyed the first issue of the new format, very much. I love this idea!


Stunning!! I just love it!


What a wonderfully simple and functional idea. I have never heard of that magazine, but I will check on it for sure!


I love it too Clarice!! You just want to study it and study many wonderful ideas ~ xxoo, Dawn


That is so pretty. I have one that has beads on the edges to weigh it down. :)


What a beautiful way to cover your food. And it would be helpful for eating outdoors, too. I'll have to look for the magazine; thanks for sharing it with us.


How pretty this looks!
I don't think we get this mag here, though thanks for sharing this bit of your photos as always!
xoxoxo Kali

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