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Craft Room part 2

Craft Room part 1


I have been meaning to share this with all of you for a while. For my mother's birthday I helped her overhauled her craft-room. I had helped her decorated it several years ago with all of her quilts and Americana accessories. But she wanted a new look and did not have much money to spend. My mother is very different then me, I know what I want. I have a vision, she does not. So we started by looking at what she already had. She has a large collection of blue and white china and decided to start there. Next I encouraged her to go to the craft store and look for anything (like fabric or paper) she loved. I told her not to worry about it matching (she worries to much about things matching, have I taught her nothing ;-)  She found some scrapbook paper she loved and fabric. They both had a strong marigold yellow and we used that and blue as our base.


I have broken this up in several posts because there is a lot of simple and inexpensive ideas that might inspire you. We used her white furniture so her china would stand out and found any linens that would go.


For a side table we just covered a small table with fabric. By the way this is the back side of the fabric. So remember to look at both sides.


The coolest thing we did was her wall. She had all this large blank wall space. We used the book of scrapbook papers she loved. We just taped the papers together in strips and then tacked each strip, top and bottom, to the wall. It gives the room lots of color and the wow factor !!!

I still have a lot more to share xoxoxo


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I got a lot of good ideas from your craft room. I am still putting together my art studio. I used foamcore covered in fabric and then inserted into an antique frame for my bulliten board. I like your blue and yellow color scheme.


Great ideas Clarice. The scrapbooks papers on the wall make a really beautiful statement!



Did I hear *Provence*?
Clarice, I love it!
You have given the room such flair and I really see alot of the french touch in here. The colours are so vibrant and so cheerful!
Is that yellow tablecloth on the round table a french cloth? Must be!
Great Job!
thanks for sharing,

Terri Pollhein

That certainly was a clever idea. I'll bet your mom was thrilled, hu?


Hi Clarice,
Love the scrapbook papers on the wall, great idea might just have to try that one.
Cheers Linda


You did a wonderful job, Clarice! I just love how you used paper for the wall looks amazing!


It looks lovely--can you come to the east coast and do my room:-)


Great little room and the scrapbook paper is an awesome idea. It looks fabulous!

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

The scrapbook papers on the wall give a feeling of excitement to the room. You sure do have a good eye for detail...and what a nice gift. Susan

Donna O.

Wonderful Clarice and I bet you both had so much FUN creating this!

Susan L

Wow, how fun! Super cool idea for the wall! I would have never thought of that (but that's not saying much).



I love the colors Clarice!! It looks very French Country.
Great job, and pictures.

jennifer Paganellli

wow another application for scrap book in love with the look...Clarice your mom must be so happy with the way it turned out...Jennifer


The blue and yellow look so great with her white wicker! I'm sure she must be pleased with the new look.


Aren't I lucky to have such a gifted dd. Love you. Mom


Wow! Love the wall. What a great idea! What a sweet thing to do for your mom.

Susan P.

Your Mom loves the same colors as I do! That scrapbook idea was a stroke of genius ~ what a great way to get a stunning look with hardly spending any money. I LOVE IT:o) btw, I also still use (and love) that wonderfull idea you had about using scrapbook paper in the back of a china closet, hutch, etc.. That was such a great idea because it makes such a big impact and you only had to spend pennies. Keep em' coming, Clarice!


Love, love, love the scrapbook papers! There are so many beautiful ones available now and that's a wonderful way to add a high impact, large piece of art to a wall. I'm sure your mother was thrilled to have your input. The finished room really is wonderful.

BTW, I didn't post on the butler's pantry post, but I really love what you did with it! I'd love a space like that here. I'm glad that paint color turned out for you. The room looks truly amazing.

Gumbo Lily

This is a great project!
I love the "wall papers" (WOW factor).
Can't wait to hear more tips.


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