Craft Room part 1
Craft Room part 3

Craft Room part 2


Thank you for the comments on the scrapbook paper wall. It really does look stunning and is a cheap way to cover a large space. Aubern'e has done this in her room with some medieval paper.

My mother's lamp had shades that were covered with cow fabric. It did not go with the room but she might still use the shades down the road. So I took fabric and sewed a sleeve. Then gathered it at the top. I pinned it on with straight pins around the gather and glued the on pom-pom trim. This way she can pull off the pom-poms, unpin the fabric and still use the shades.


One of my favorite things my mother did was her thread holder. It is just a wooden thread holder, but with all the different colors, it ended up looking like a work of art on the wall. It is across the room from the paper wall and really picked up all the colors. She made a cover for her sewing machine from a vintage dish towel and sewed ties on the side.


This is her work table. A wooden table with sides that fold down. She already had denim drapes and just added some yellow rick-rack to the edges to pick up her colors.


She felt the table looked a little bare and wanted to use more of the fabric she loved. So she made runner for the table.


I thought this bulletin board was also clever. It is just squares of foam core covered in fabric. I still have more of the room to share xoxoxo



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Leigh Ann

I just love it. What a fresh space! I wouldn't want to leave it and I'm sure lots of creativity comes out of it.

Thanks for sharing.
Cheers! LA


It all looks so wonderful...



What a lovely, bright and colorful craft room. Happy, happy rooms are fun to work in!!




You just AMAZE me! If I ever get all my fun stuff out of storage, you know that you are Dr. Clarice on call for a house resuscitation!

Gumbo Lily

More terrific ideas! Love the lampshades. Your mom must be so thrilled with her "new space."



What a beautiful room in which to craft and sew! I really like the thread holder.


Just catching up -- and Wow! What a fun new craft room! I love all the orange, blue and yellow!


You girls are so clever!!
The thread is so colorful!!
Love it all!!


I'm enjoying the tour --- everything looks so cheerful, inviting, and pretty! Awaiting part three. . .




Please tell your Mom I love her new room!
Just the right touches everywhere you look, and I really like the orange accents.

Jill xoo


Keep these wonderful and beautiful ideas coming, Clarice! I am feeling inspired!


Sandra Evertson


What wonderful details are imbued into every aspect of this lovely room. The lampshade covers are very clever, the thread rack does indeed make for a pretty bit of art, the detail on the curtains is fun, and the table runner and bulletin board look great. The whole room cries out creativity, fun, and a love of life. How perfect!


Who wouldn't want to get creative in a room like this? Very artistic and very conducive to creative flow!

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