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Miss Donna at Ribbon Crown is having a A Swashbuckler Soiree today. I just do not have the time to craft something. When one is soo busy they do not have time to craft, a drink is appropate ;-P  I know nothing about pirate's but I live with to pirate-freak girls (whom I adore), so I asked them what do pirates eat. They said Barbossa always wanted apples and they drank lots of rum. Well I can do something with apples and rum. I created Black Pearl grog. I can just picture myself on a cold lonely black sea, covered in jewels, wrapped in my black rose shawl, waiting for my swashbuckler. With my Black Pearl grog to keep me warm !!!!!


Black Pearl Grog

1 cup apple cider

1-3 TBL. caramel sauce, depending on how sweet you like it

1 shot of dark rum

Heat cider, then stir in caramel sauce till melted and add rum !!!!!



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What an awesome recipe. I'm putting this into my little recipe repertoire for September's "Talk Like a Pirate Day" festivities. Thank you!


You are so cool!

Karen Young

The drink sound so good and the cup is gorgeous.


fated folles studio

i am not one for rum but the goblet makes me want to be!! ;) enjoy the rest of the weekend.


YO Ho Ho!
Sounds good Clarice. I didn't have time to play this one. Too busy too!
Have a great weekend,

steph stargell

mmmm, sounds like a drink for me and all the other wenches a waitin' for thier Capn's to come in to port.

Pearl Maple

Yummy addition to the pirate party.

The Ladie's press newsletter is a good find, those images are beautiful.

Yummy addition to the pirate party.

The Ladie's press newsletter is a good find, those images are beautiful.


Hi Clarice! That drink sounds perfect on a rain-cloudy Saturday afternoon/evening :) Love the goblet in that beautiful blue. Happy Soiree!
p.s. this is my first time here and your banner is beautiful it stopped me for a minute!

Nancy ~Fete et Fleur

Ooohhh! Yummy! I must try this sometime.


Christine LeFever

T'is a mighty pretty goblet o' the decadent and delicious concoction o' which I will try very soon!



Donna O.

It's getting pretty chilly out here on the open sea. I'm so happy you are here, Clarice. Now pass me that golblet!!


That drink sounds so decadent!


Auberne' Fox-Hughes

I love the picture! And dad would look good in a dashing pirate outfit! ;)

Aubenre' Ancalimon @-`---

Sylvia Anderson

Yummy! Sounds like a treat that we would all be sharing on the Bonnee Lass today!

Gumbo Lily

Arrrrh! Pass me the grog there, Lassie!


Dorian Fletcher

Oh my...your grog sounds delicious but deadly! Perfect for a dark and stormy night aboard the Black Pearl.

sorry, last comment from me. Mom

Only you could make pirates seem chic.


I think that will be my pirate's night cap. Yum, Yum Yum!
Kelley-the Cowgirl Mermaid


Thanks for the Grog Clarice! Yum! Have fun at the Soiree today!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Ahoy! Black pearl grog is just the treat I needed. And that shawl...so pretty!


Yum! I'll be sure to bring my pint to the Soiree!


Ummmm, this is going to make me sing all day! Enjoy the party!!!


Sounds yummy and I don't even like warm booze!



Well, we're as close to being pirates as can be and I approve of this grog! I'd use Conch Republic Rum, soooo delicious and perfectly appropriate.


Black Pearl Grog, sure does sound good....yo ho ho and a bottle of rum...


Argh! That sounds delicious, I'd drink that even tho I'm not a pirate ;) :D



Thank you for the drink lass, now I can add a bit of zest to my sailing adventures today. Karen

Susan P.

Guess what, Clarice? I can totally picture there, too!! I'm not a pirate, but I know a good drink when I see one:o)

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