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A Baking Pantry


I have this little room off my kitchen, Mrs. Mathews the previous owner used it as a breakfast room. We were using it for an office, but there was always a huge mess. I decided to not fight the mess and just move it were I can not see it. Makes a happier marriage ;-) Even thought I have a big kitchen, I still needed more room. I need storage for all my bulk (almost 30 jars) and baking items. So I decided to turn the room into a baking pantry. I am just using what I already have on-hand but slowly over time will replace and make the room more like I want. I want it to feel more Victorian, without feeling cutesy. You know what I mean ? So I decide use use black as an ascent color. It feels a bit more formal. My big find (well I did buy this) is this French marble pastry table. I was looking on-line all day and could not find one I could afford. When low and behold on Craig's list was one, Wa-hooo !!! I love it and it works great to make my bread and doughs right on the table.

Pantry_8Pantry_6 Pantry_2 Pantry_1

The girls and I painted over the wallpaper a pale buttery yellow and all the trim white. It looks much more yellow in these pictures (it also looks much more crowded with stuff in the pictures). This room has some sweet woodwork and corner shelves, I really wanted them to stand out. But I also wanted the walls to be neural and warm for those gray days we have. I am really happy with it.


A lot of the accessories you see, I will change out. I just sort of set things in, to live with it for a while. I can not decided if I want a more European French feel (which I am leaning towards) or a old fashioned general store. Or a mish-mash of both. I know everything I do not want the room to be, but still working on what I do want. It is very tempting to go out a buy a bunch of new stuff, but I am trying to be good. 


By the way the below picture is standing in the party looking into my kitchen. The hall on the right goes to the library. So this is what I have been up to. Next is taking the room apart again and pulling up all the yucky linoleum. There is hard wood floor underneath. I will see what it is like and then decided what to do. I have my lap-top back and just today I can get on-line. Thank goodness. All is right with the word. I would love your feedback on the pantry. Remember be honest , not polite xoxoxoxox



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Kay on the farm in Neb

Clarice, I'm not sure I've ever told you, but I LOVE this room & want to live in it everyday.



Dear Clarice,

I absolutely love your baking pantry and your hoosier cabinet and how you have everything decorated!!! You make such a beautiful home for your sweet family and I am so glad you share it with me! You are so inspiring!!! I love all the details and your windows afford an incredible view. I can just imagine us making a Chocolate Souffle and sipping cups of tea!

Love, Paula


Okay, I am not one to covet but one could easily over-desire this. :)



I found you via the As I See It Now blog, and what a treat for my eyes to see this pantry. Oh, how I love it; every corner, and the wonderful window. Does it open? What direction does it face? My growing-up-in house had a room like this, but we called it a butt'ry. I actually did a blog entry based on a cookbook called The New England Butt'ry Shelf Cookbook, and if you are interested, you may read it here:

Susan L

I posted once (just a second a go), but either it didn't go through or it's taking its time, but just in case, I'll post again. Because this is gorgeous! So beautiful. You did an amazing job, Clarice. I looked and looked at your photos. :-)


Susan L

This is gorgeous and inpsiring, Clarice! You did a beautiful job. When I first saw this post, I looked and looked and didn't want to click away from it... :-)



Oops! I guess if I want you to visit me, that I should give you my URL. :)
Once again, take care,

Your room is so awesome that I could just weep. So inspiring. If only I had an extra room off my kitchen like that! :)
Take care Clarice and please give me a visit sometime.

Susan P.

You have created, without a doubt, the most beautiful pantry I've ever seen. I love that it is totally functional, but at the same time filled with warmth and coziness, not to mention the beautiful view. I can only imagine the wonderful delicacies you will be baking with this awesome pantry as your inspiration!!


Clarice, I love all your ideas, and I especially relate to not wanting things to be too cute. I especiallly love the way your Hoosier and the new table look.
I use a little bit of black in all my rooms. I love the way it gives my eye a place to rest within rooms that include collections.


What an inspiring space!!! Love the view out the window and I love that Hoosier!


I'm still (!) drooling over your kitchen!!!! Love it!


Sarah Keith

What a lovely baking room...and to see out that window is wonderful!

Deb L

I like your baking pantry. It has more knick-knacks that I personally would put in, but the big window by the mixer, and the lovely pastry table, and the cabinets for all the jars, lovely! :)

Does your Frigidaire oven/stove work? We have one in the single oven variety. Some of the features like the clock don't work any more, but the oven and stove cook beautifully. It came with our house, and we're planning on using it until it dies. And then I want a gas stove.


I LOVE your new baking pantry! Such old world charm! And your new marble top table is gorgeous.
I love to see homes lovingly decorated in a way that reflects the personality of the owner--not some generic magainze picture.


I LOVE your pantry, Clarice! I could look at the pictures all day long...just like out of a magazine! I would love to cook and bake with you!

Rosemary UK

I love your baking pantry !! I am lucky enough to have a walk-in pantry where all the items that do not need to live in the refridgerator are kept.But I do envy you a whole room to bake and store.


Here's feedback from me in two words: Pantry Envy!!!! THAT looks amazing. I would love to have a room off the kitchen to serve as a pantry. You have fixed it up in such a darling way---love it. Guess I used more than two words.

Christine Crocker

what a wonderful sunny & cozy baking pantry.

I love that marble topped table,Clarice.

everything looks just lovely.
I'm so happy for you.


totally love your new baking pantry! It is so pretty and quaint, right off your kitchen. I love your French pastry table and all the storage solutions you have. And the big, beautiful windows --- are so elegant and cottage-style beautiful. You are so blessed to live in your lovely home. It's like a magazine, Clarice, and you make it very special with all your crafty techniques and decorating skills.
From La-Te-Dah


What a great room! I'm so jealous. It's beautiful.


What a fun little room -- and a great idea to use it as a baking pantry. I love the homey look to it all!

What a great kitchen Clarice, and that baking table is amazing. I never see anything great on Craigslist here.
Lucky girl!!
I think it is so great that you found just the thing you were looking for.
Have a fantastic Mother's Day!!


Wow Clarice, you & the girls did a wonderful job! I *lovelovelove* it!


One word....beautiful!

Your pictures turned out great. The yellow looks so warm and comforting. Love, Mom


Love the yellow color and the corner shelves
are very nice with your collectables.


That has got to be the beautiful and functional space I've ever seen. I'm from New England where almost everyone has a pantry and never once have I seen one so beautiful. That is just an awesome space!!!!


Clarice and girls,

I can see why you are so happy with your new space. It looks wonderful!
I also like the way you've displayed your dry goods.
Looks so welcoming and home sweet home.

Jill x00


How wonderful every thing looks…
You must smile every time you walk into that room…
I love the color, I love yellow…
Most of my downstairs rooms are painted Yellow….


I'd do the same thing if I had the room. Maybe in my next house! I love the antiques, esp. the Hoosier Cabinet (or hutch if that's what you would call it). Also, I love the butterflies in your header. Your blog is always a delight.


Gumbo Lily

I would love to bake with you in your new space. Or just sit on a chair and just look at everything.

You must be so pleased!


How special to have a space just for baking! And what a view from that huge window!! The rest of your kitchen is so very inviting. I love it.


Clarice, this is the most fabulous space and I love what you're doing. I would be tempted to move my bed in there just so I could wallow in all its glory. And I love the table you found, you're going to have so many wonderful times using that table in this special room of yours.


I say that pantry is freaking gorgeous!


Clarice, this looks like it comes straight from a magazine. I absolutely love it! I can't imagine it really being any better. But I'll look forward to seeing any changes you make. You do a wonderful job of living your dreams!
You've accomplished so much!


Okay, I am in love. Seriously in love with your kitchen. :)


Oh Clarice!! It is * fab.u.lous.* !! You and I would have so-o-o-o much fun baking together.......wh/wh oatmeal bread....gingerbread scones....Monster Cookies.....foccacia w/ fresh herbs......m-m-m-m can you smell them?
I love anyone who uses gallon glass jars for storage like I do. Aren't they wonderful? Last summer I took all my lids outside and spray painted them black, and they look wonderful. It makes a cohesive look and dignifies the humble jar a bit. So, I already like the "black accent" idea you have going. It will be fun to see what comes next.
Simple. Beautiful. Useable. I love it!


You want honest? JEALOUS! That's how I feel about your darling newly redone room : ) It's just lovely. And I know all the hard work you put into it. Good on ya!

Lisa L

I love, love, the yellow!! It is so sunny and the windows are amazing. I remember your cute house and the great windows from my visit 2 years ago! There are so many great little nooks and shelves that are built in and they add so much character! I also love that you know the name of the lady who lived in your house before! Well, keep looking for treasures and I am sure you will find many wonderful things to compliment your style.
Lisa L


Oh wow...I love it..
Just keep hitting Goodwill and Thrift shops you will find what you need and it is almost yard sale season out here....
I love ecclectic....makes life more interesting.


I've always wanted a pantry...instead of cluttered and crammed cabinets. It looks so inviting!


Oh Geez! Can I just come and live with you?

Mary T.

Wow! You have been busy! The area looks great and I love the marble table. Keep up the fantastic job and it will be fun to see how the kitchen takes shape.

A Fanciful Twist

Oh! What a beautiful charming space you have!!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Honest?? You bet! Oh, Clarice!!! It is absolutely beautiful! It is elegant and unique and everything wonderful that I could imagine that only you could pull together!!! You have a touch, my friend, and it is evident in your work on this baking pantry. I love the marble table and LOVE the big, beautiful window! What an incredible space to bake wonderful things for your family. Congratulations! Job well done!


Fantastic Clarice! I love the color! Great job young lady!

Love ya,


I promise to be brutally honest...your baking pantry is wonderful Clarice!! What a cosy, warm place to bake, and a beautiful view as well. I especially love your blue cupboard; how great for storing all your jars. I hope you enjoy your lovely new space,


Such a lucky Lady! I would love to have a room like yours...The view from your windows is also beautiful..Very magical :0).Have fun with your new baking room.

The feathered nest

Hi Clarice,

What a great room! It's just gorgeous! I know you do a lot of baking so this must be heavenly. I have that same marble topped table!!


Nancy Geaney

What an intriguing blog you have- very magical! I can almost see the sprites and faeries in the branches of your beautiful bedroom window blossoms.


Is that one of the stoves that you pull the burners out? I don' really know how to describe it, but I had one when I moved to Massachusetts. Unfortunately only 1 burner worked, so I had to replace it. It had the "french door" oven on the top too. I also had your vinyl floor in my kitchen in Vermont. See how much we have in common and of course I have my 35 year old KitchenAid mixer. I could not live without the mixer.



I am seriously in awe! I can't get over it! I know that you spent days (weeks) getting this ready but WOW! Has it paid off or what?!!!!!
I adore this room!
What a grand french pastry table with elegant legs! Love all the details of the room and especially the large picture window.
May you enjoy many moments of food preparation, beauty and joy in this lovely room that is a joy to behold (and I really mean it)
Way to go Clarice!
I would say that I was speechless after seeing this, but as you can tell by this lengthy comment, I can't keep quiet!
Joanne, who is so proud of your achievements!

Erica Elizalde

This is a lovely pantry. The view is just gorgeous. How great it's going to be to make goodies for your family in such a lovely space. I'm new to blogging but have read your blog for some time now and I always look forward to reading it. I love that you have made a great home for your daughters to grow up in. It's great to see you encourage their creativity and their love for fantasy/fairy tales. My family has a great love for all that as well. Keep up the great work.

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