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Hobbit Birthday Party

Things I Love


Things I Love

Well first, my hubby. Not only did he put in this amazing lamppost (we got at Costco) in the front of our home, but he dug a huge ditch and putting in all the wiring. We had no outlets outside. On a gray day (which we have a lot) it looks like the lamppost in The Chronicles Of Narnia.


Second my new print of Monsieur Hedgehog by Miss. Marjorie at Cozy Little Whimsy Nook. I had such a  hard time choosing a print, I love all of them in her shop. I think I may have to get her dapper fox for my library next !!!  If you have not been to Cozy Little Whimsy Nook, you should check it out. Marjorie is an amazing seamstress and you should the dresses she sews. Thank you Marjorie, I think he will be so charming in my kitchen xoxoxo

Third this fantastic vintage flash card tutorial by Everyday Cookies at Sweet Woodruff Acres !!!!!

Lastly a ribbon toilet paper holder from Harrington House. Very clever Katie.


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AAwwww! : ) Thank You!! I'm over the moon that you like your little hedgie print! I'm sure he is quite happy in his new home!

By the way! Your hobbit party is so great!! What's better than furry little feet!? Not much!! :)

Happy Day to you!

Gumbo Lily

What a great guy your husband must be to trench in and bury all that electrical for the FABULOUS lamp post! Love IT!

The hedgehog print is adorable!

Pearl Maple

Congrats on your blog anniversary, it is quite a project to keep a good blog going.

Always enjoy the art that you share with us, the hedgehog is the cutest but tell us more about this toilet roll holder?


I read it wrong - at first I thought it said 'well my first husband...' I was wondering what your second husband thought of that LOL!

Christine Crocker

good morning dear Clarice,

oh my,I've become smitten with Monsieur Hedgehog.
The fact that he takes his tea with cream, no sugar, only makes him more endearing.
Happy day to you in Storybook Woods.
I do hope the sun is shining there,


I am curious to see the velvet toilet paper holder ;-). The lamp post looks beautiful and I know David did a lot of work to get it in. Digging trenches for wire is never an easy job!



Love the print. The fox would be perfect in the library. Did you see the U tube video about Grungeboard? That was cool.

Christine Crocker

Good morning Clarice,

everything about your home & garden is always just lovely.
your new yard lamp post is perfect, just wait until snow comes next winter...
how very perfect will it be then!
just like Narnia.



These are the things I love:
Your blog
Your blog
Your blog

What a treat!
Thank you Clarice!
Love the outdoor light fixture....so elegant!


Auberne' Fox-Hughes

If there was lots of snow it would really look like Narnia! ^-^

Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---

Mary Isabella

I love it all....Mary

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