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Wow! I've so enjoyed this page and all the treasures to see here. I found you through Sea Cottage's blog and wanted to say hello! I'm also a home schooling mom and love Charlotte Mason...Come on over to the tea society for a cuppa Earl Grey Lavender and a chat anytime:-)

Rebecca ( Ladies' Historical Tea Society)


What a unique shop. It looks as though there is a mix of this and that, my favorite type of flea market shopping. You never know what you'll find.

Jill xoo

Susan P.

I wish I could transport that beautiful table with the yellow tablecloth and cabbage roses to my house. All my favorite colors AND favorite things. Sigh:)


What beautiful pictures! Christmas House sounds like a lovely, lovely place to visit! And what a find for daughter dear! I know she will cherish them and use them proudly with her beautiful teapot!


the feathered nest

oooh pretty dishes! What a great shop - looks like such a fun place to roam.



How great are those dishes! I love dishes.
Thanks for all of the great photos.

Gumbo Lily

Great photos!
And adorable china. What a deal!



*Drool* :0) What a wonderful place and I love your new dishes! I don't mind cracks and chips either...it shows that they were used and well loved!


Love the dinner plates!


What a great shop! I see a lot I would love to take home. Thanks for taking us along :)


Wow! That looks like good place! And free china? Did I read that correctly? It's beautiful! I love the little wooden nursery lamp. I have the Jack and Jill version lamp and coatrack in Amelia's room. I love vintage trimmings in nurseries!


All of your recent photos are just beautiful Clarice! I love to study the details of each...so pretty!
Thanks for including us in your jaunts!


The plates are very pretty....looks like such a fun time...
and, Clarice, your photos are very nice...so clear!


What a wonderful find this is for her. And the chips can be dealt with, not that I know how. I just remember seeing an article about repairing such things somewhere online.


Free???? Wow.


I love the plates. Love, Mom

Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

Great stuff! Can you tell me a week or so ahead the next time there is a sale there? I'd love to come over for it. Thanks.

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